1 WEEK IN THE WILDERNESS. p1 Dropped off by Train in the Wild! Running Rapids, Fish for Dinner.

Make Your Kids Help With Picnic Preparation

Unless you’re lucky enough to be living in the countryside with a garden of rolling fields and freshly cut lawns you will know the importance of spending quality time with your family in the great outdoors. If you are one of the millions of average working moms, chances are, you yearn for a relaxed, carefree afternoon with your loved ones.

Visiting New Zealand – Mount Cook National Park

Mount Cook National Park is situated in the Southern Alps of New Zealand’s South Island and is centered around Mount Cook – the country’s highest mountain – after which it is named. The park was officially formed in 1953 and comprises over 70000 hectares – nearly all of which is alpine wilderness and much of which is covered with ice including the massive 27km long Tasman Glacier – the largest in New Zealand.

Grass Mulch Vs Rubber Mulch For Playgrounds

Mulching is a necessary practice that is necessary to help improve the way your soil retains nutrients and improves the growth ability of the average plant in the soil. It is simply one very important practice that every farmer or gardener must adopt to improve his crop yield while making sure that the soil still has sufficient nutrients.

Navigation – Which Path Should I Take?

There is an extremely high standard of mapping available in the UK and we are extremely lucky to be able to use highly detailed Ordnance Survey maps wherever we go. With practice these maps can tell us everything we need to know to get ourselves from A to B safely. However one area that often seems to cause confusion is the different ways paths are marked on Ordnance Survey maps; a better knowledge of when each symbol is used will soon improve your ability to find your way across the hills.

Basket Or Backpack? Take Your Family on a Picnic and Reap The Rewards

Leisure time with the people we care about is too important to ignore. Have you ever wondered what you could do to get your family to enjoy quality time with each other? For a good idea, we can look to the past. Try taking them on a picnic.

Picnic Basket Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget

Picnic is a social activity that every family, or group of friends should never fail to do. To help you prepare a well-packed picnic basket, here is a guideline of the things you shouldn’t forget to bring.

Holiday Activities For All Family Members

Those having families know that nothing can make a family more united than a picnic or really good time when going out together. It is super real fun for the whole family to have a nice time climbing mountains, camping, hiking, gathering berries and mushrooms, walking in the park or enjoy sunbathing on the beach and near the sea.

3 Family Friendly Destinations in the Arizona High Country

Heading for Arizona this summer? Why take your family to the middle of the desert in the summertime? Plan an outing in the Arizona High Country where the weather is cooler and the scenery is spectacular and prices are cheaper. There’s everything from cold water lakes at the higher elevations to cool mountain streams running down the sides of the mountains. There are plenty of trails for your hiking pleasure and they are mostly well marked and easy to follow. This article will let you in on three destinations that will be easy on your wallet and have your family begging for more.

The Great Outdoors

This article discusses different activities to do outdoors. It includes activities that you can do on a body of water.

Nantahala River Rafting in the Summer Months

Nantahala River Rafting in the summer months is one of the more exciting activities offered in the mountains of North Carolina. It is a fun way to cool off and spend an afternoon on a warm day.

My 3 Favourite Australia Walking Holidays

I have just returned from a trip to Australia and I am planning on returning in October for a walking holiday, so I thought it would be interesting to log my 3 favourite Australia walking holidays from the research I have done to date. I have put a summary of each trip below, but for anyone interested in reading more I will be publishing a separate article for each with the detailed routes, suggested timings, places of interest and hopefully some advice for each route.

My Number 1 Australian Walking Vacation – Great Ocean Walk

As you may have seen, I have posted an article about my top 3 favourite Australia Walking Vacations. I decided it would be good to post more detail about each trip, route, timings etc for anyone interested in reading more. This is my number 1 favourite trip, which covers 104km of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia – affectionately known as the Great Ocean Walk.

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