10 Best Ways to Remove Tree Stump

Why Buy Walking Sticks?

Walking sticks can be a great alternative to canes or crutches for people with a medical injury or problems with balance, but they can also be a tremendous help for those who just enjoy walking. They can provide extra power when walking uphill and supply stability and help ease pounding and fatigue in the knees when traveling downhill. There is also the added workout benefit of using the arms while walking, as you will burn more calories without increased exertion.

How to Choose the Best Backpacks For Adventure

With so many different backpacks on the shelves, how are you going to choose the best backpacks out there? Well this is why I am writing this guide, it will help you choose the best ones out there today.

Alaska Lodges – A Trip to the Other Side of the World

Alaska lodges provide beautiful accommodations in the midst of natural beauty. No matter what part of the state you want to see, a lodge can be found nearby. The high mountains can be seen from your balcony in some places. If you want a coastal view, lodges abound within miles of the ocean. You can visit the fjords of the south east part of the state or find a place above the Arctic Circle. Your experience will be enhanced by the wonderful place you choose to vacation.

Winter Safety on Welsh Mountains

Snowdon and the mountains that surround it can prove a danger to those who would brave their slopes at the best of times. Travellers in summer might find themselves lost as night falls, or stumble from one of the many deadly falls in the range, and those that are unprepared can quickly find themselves in trouble. In winter, there are even more dangers, and the aim of this article is to make people aware of them.

12 Hours at the Victoria and Albert Waterfront

On your Cape Town holidays, the Victoria and Albert Waterfront has so much for you to discover from fine dining to family exhibitions. With so many different attractions it is easily possible for you to spend an entire day here whilst in Cape Town. Here is our guide to spending 12 hours at the Victoria and Albert Waterfront.

Tips For Watching Birds Not in a Bird Cage

Bird-watching is a beautiful hobby for anyone interested in experiencing nature from a whole new perspective. It doesn’t require a huge time or money commitment and anyone with a genuine interest can do it for hours and hours of entertainment. All you need is a good set of eyes and a journal. Follow my tips and you can turn your interest into a hobby in no time.

Alaska Fishing Vacations – Which Fish Would You Like to Catch Today?

Alaska fishing vacations can be the trip of a lifetime for the avid fisherman. The challenge can be all around the state and off the coast as well. The high mountain lakes and streams flow down and join the ocean deep. All of this H2O is filled with too many varieties of fish to count. Mountain streams add a bit of terrain to the mix while ocean depths give fish more room to fight. You will find Alaska to be one of the best places to drop a line and see what hooks on.

Grand Odyssey Dog Sleigh Race Avoriaz

Between 9th – 18th January 2010 seven villages in Haute Maurienne Vanoise will host the sixth year of the Grand Odyssey Dog Sleigh Race, or La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc as it’s known locally. It is the toughest international dog-sled race in the world and contested by 35 teams with approximately 350 dogs between them over 10 stages. The dogs are primarily Alaskan, Husky and Siberian Husky and must race approximately 500 miles, including 25000m of ascent and descent.

Maine Winter Vacations – 3 Great Ideas For a Winter Vacation in Maine

Thinking about taking a wintry vacation to Northern Maine and not sure you’ll find enough to do? Worry no more!

Palermo’s Rose Garden in Buenos Aires

The large parkland in Palermo is one of the major attractions for any visit to Buenos Aires. It is a large area with rose gardens, lakes, bridges, gazebos, pergodas, and much more. This can be one of the most relaxing areas in the metropolis of 12 million people.

Different Season Tents

What are season camping tents? What does that mean?

Thule Sweden – A Trademark of Swedish Innovation

Thule is a company that essentially makes products better through long lasting intuitive designs, timeless aesthetics of outdoor products and of an outdoor lifestyle. It is probably the Swedish penchant for outdoor activities that led to the founding of this company.

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