10 Ways to Cook Bread Over Campfire + Super Easy Bread Recipe


10 Ways to Cook Bread

Winter Vacation Trips in North Carolina – Nantahala River Gorge

There are many attractive winter vacation spots in North Carolina but one of the best may be the Nantahala River Gorge. This area is an outdoor lovers paradise which can bring great adventure and excitement to your vacation.

4 Great Ideas For Fun Fall Family Vacations

Looking for something fun to do with your family before that long, cold winter sets in? Need a good fall family vacation? Here are some great ideas to get you started for a great vacation.

Hydration Packs and Backpacks Are Excellent For Hiking

When you’re hiking, you know you need to stay hydrated. So what do you do? Take a water bottle with you? Sure, you might have a backpack that tries to keep it handy by allowing you to put it in a pocket on the side, but the truth is that you wind up having to stop, drop your pack and pull out the water bottle. This can cause you to drink less than you should because of the time it takes to stop to have a drink of water. You should be looking at a hydration pack for your hiking needs.

The Famous Caves You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Have you experienced exploring the different caves? Well, if not, feel free to read some of the adventurous caves.

Jansport Rucksack – The Big Bear

If you are looking to buy a new rucksack then maybe the Jansport Big Bear is for you. It is versatile, comfortable and very spacious.

Bikaner – The Namkeen City!

Bikaner, the wonderful city of Rajasthan is a great destination to visit. Reflecting the glory of the Rajput era, this city is dotted with amazing attractions such as Junagarh fort, Deshnok temple and Lalgarh palace. Dedicated to Karni mata, the Deshnok temple is an abode of rats, which are considered the incarnations of the devotes of the goddess. And the sight of a white rat in the temple is considered highly auspicious. Bikaner is also famous for its Bhujia( a spicy snack).

Metal Detecting Beaches – Tips on How to Find Buried Treasures

Are you thinking about metal detecting on the beach? This article will give you some tips.

Whitewater Rafting Rivers in Oregon

Oregon is one of the most scenic states in North America. With many protected national parks, forests and coastlines this naturally beautiful region is a vacation dream for the adventurous traveler. One of Oregon’s best recreational attractions is the fantastic whitewater rivers that are perfect for rafting and fishing.

Play Paintball in Malta

For something a little different while you’re in Malta, you can try your hand at paintballing. Get a group of people together and practice your shooting skills with a heart racing game of paintballing.


Having Fun in the Cold

It’s that time of year again, when you wrap up the kids in their warmest clothes, stick on the hats and push their fingers into the gloves and… take them to the snow! The key to having fun in the cold, wet, snowy outdoors is staying warm.

Nantahala River Fly Fishing For Trout During the Winter and Spring Months

Nantahala river fly fishing for trout during the winter and spring months is something that almost every angler can enjoy. The river is stocked with rainbow, brook and brown trout so it should not be difficult to land at least a few fish.

Metal Detecting Beaches – The Moving Sand

I know it might sound funny but if your going to start beach metal detecting one of the most important things to accomplish is learning to read the beach. The beach is trying to tell you something and it takes a little time, patience and practice to learn what is written in the sand. If you are hunting the same beach or beaches, pay special attention to the sand and try to determine if it has moved.

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