2 Night Winter Camp in a Hot Tent – Build your own Bucksaw Instructions- Hot Water on Demand at Camp

Drying Your Own Food For the Mountains

Remember those camping trips laden with packaged meals which were either expensive and heavy or lightweight but extremely boring? Well now there’s an answer to the constant problem of balancing weight with content. Dry your own food!

Avalanche Risks in Spain’s Sierra Nevada Mountains

A summary of the avalanche hazards faced in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain. The article describes the locations where historically avalanches do fall each year and how to avoid them.

Beachcombing on the Oregon Coast

If you are looking for the unusual then you will want to visit the Oregon beaches. You will find all kinds of sea shells, driftwood, agates and even fossils washing up on the beaches. You will want to carry a plastic bag for all the treasures you will find here.

South Africa’s Premier Fly Fishing Destination

Dullstrooms’s location, a mere 2 and half hours drive from Johannesburg, makes it the ideal weekend getaway for stressed out Joburgers or stopover for travelers on route to the Kruger Park. One of the highest towns in South Africa, Dullstroom has a sub-alpine climate, and is well known for its cool, often misty atmosphere, drawing parallels with that of the Scottish Highlands. This lends itself to a climate that it well suited to the sport of fly fishing.

Kayaking and Rafting in Laos South East Asia

Having grown up on the placid rivers of Oxfordshire, gaining my three star award and basic skills with the BCU, I then moved to Newcastle University and was attempting the Wye, the Dee and some of the rivers of the North-East. After University I found a love for traveling and fell in love with the excellent climate the warm water the beautiful untouched forest and the people of Laos in South East Asia. I loved the hospitality of Laos, the weather and the slower pace of life and of course the cheap price of a beer.

The Macedon Ranges – Pure Escapism

An hour from Melbourne yet worlds away at the same time, the Macedon Ranges are a little corner of the Victorian countryside whose rich history, cool climate and stunning natural sights and sounds provide the ultimate playground for camper van adventurers. Whether you stick to the lush pastoral lands, the isolated mountain retreats or the interesting and quaint towns dotted throughout the region, the offerings of the Macedon Ranges will enthrall, excite and captivate you day in and day out.

The Everglades National Park

Just about an hour’s drive from the bustle of Miami you will find one of America’s most unusual national parks covering more than one and a half million acres of southern Florida. The Everglades National Park is one of the most diverse ecosystems to be found anywhere in the world and is simple a wonderland for wildlife. Great Blue Herons, American Egrets and White Pelicans are a common sight in the park as of course are alligators which find a plentiful supply of food along the edges of the miles of freshwater sloughs.

Top Secluded Beaches of Puerto Rico

What many will consider the most striking beaches of Puerto Rico-with the exception of Coco Beach-are not actually part of its mainland. Instead, they can be found on islands off the coast. What is often the case with these beaches is that instead of overcrowding and gimmicky tourism ploy, what you get, instead, is a scarcely populated beach that paints a traditional, tropical paradise.

Navigating the Wilderness – How Not to Get Lost

Being lost in the wilderness can be a distressing experience. However, if you use a little common sense and the tips in this article, your chances of getting lost will be greatly lessened.

Visit the Rivers in Jamaica

Jamaica is nothing less than awe inspiring and one of those great natural wonders that just adds to the majesty are the more than 100 rivers that make their way through this small island nation. Even today, many rivers are unexplored because some are not able to be navigated and often they are broken by majestic waterfalls.

Outdoor Adventure Trips

Dying to take a well deserved break from urban life and the rat race? Why not spend some quality time with nature? Camping in the woods might be a fun yet dangerous activity, especially near bar populated areas. The following are some tips on having a safe and happy adventure trip.

Walking Tour Vacations

More and more tourist destinations offer walking tour vacations as an alternative to the usual tours where you are driven around. Gone are the days when baby boomers used to love the sound of taking a vacation where you would spend your day sitting around the pool doing absolutely nothing. Perhaps because people are becoming health conscious and they no longer look for the vacations that leave them absolutely nothing to do. After all, you can sit at home and do absolutely nothing. When you go on a vacation you want to see things you’ve never seen before and do things that you’ve never done before.

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