200lb (100 kg) Fishing Challenge – 3 Days Catching Massive Catfish & Carp

Adventures in Peru – Arequipa Seven Summits – Nevado Coropuna

After a good days rest on Sunday, we left Monday morning for Coropuna, about a six-hour drive from Arequipa. The route first goes across the coastal desert and then through the fertile farmland of the Majes Valley, before starting the climb up to Chuquibamba, where the pavement ends. From Chuquibamba the gravel road climbs up to about 13,000 feet to the high plain, where you get your first view of Coropuna, the Chila range, and if the weather is clear, Ampato.

Adventures in Peru – Arequipa Seven Summits – Nevado Mismi

There are also two more mountains that can be accessed from the same base camp as Ampato, the closest one is Nevado Hualca Hualca, which at 19,780 feet is also over 6,000 meters, the other one is Sabancaya, an active volcano at 19,619 feet. We were all pretty wiped out so decided not to climb either of them, but on the drive back to the highway the next day, Nathan and Smiley were talking about bagging a small peak, so as not to waste the whole day! They decided on Huarancante (17,716 feet) as it was right near the highway and looked like a quick climb.

Pocket Knives

My pocket knife is a cherished and very valuable tool. I have used it many years. A knife has many uses as varied as the person who uses it.

Tat Hueang Waterfall of Thailand

Loei is around 520 kilometers from Bangkok offering some of the most spectacular spots for tourists to enjoy. Although the province is located in the northeast, it has many things common with the northern region of Thailand, including its high hills and mountains which are home to many waterfalls. One such waterfall that is worth visiting in Loei is Tat Hueang Waterfall.

Phu Ruea National Park of Thailand

Phu Reua National Park sits on an area of 75,525 square kilometers on top of a plateau. It comprises of a rugged mountain range, whose highest peak rises 1,365 meters above sea level and is the source for a number of rivers flowing through Loei.

Adventures in Peru – Arequipa Seven Summits – Nevado Ampato

I had asked a guide friend of mine from Lima about the driving directions to Ampato, and he said that after turning off the main highway, it was hard to follow the route (they had done it at night, and only as passengers). He also said that the local guides here keep it a secret so it would be hard to get the information, but to check with Julver Castro, a friend of his whom I know, and he might help. I also have some connections with Miguel Zarate and one of his guides gave me a map.

Blizzard Beach & Pleasure Island – Best Florida Attractions For Youngsters

Blizzard Beach is the newest water park of Florida. The snow covers the whole area and it’s a delightful view for the visitors. Blizzard Beach is located at Orlando’s Disney World Resort. This water park offers the watery adventures and water slides.

Best Used Metal Detectors

Guide to the best used metal detectors. Which ones to buy and what to look for in a used metal detector. Don’t buy used metal detectors until you read this article.

Walking Between Kathmandu & Tibet – Day One

Find out what really happens on a Himalayan Trek! All the odd and amusing adventures that a traveler can will experience on a walk between Kathmandu and Tibet. Part One of Ten.

Holidaying in the Huon Valley

Its spring time in the Huon Valley in Tasmania and there is that brisk chill in the air, enough to stand your arm hairs up but not enough to freeze you to the core. The heater in our hire car stabilises the temperature, and we can comfortably watch the stunning scenery float past the window. On a holiday to Hobart, we just couldn’t resist a couple of days checking out the Huon Valley.

Napa County Has Many Unique State Parks

Part of living in Northern California means actively preserving the natural beauty of the land, and Napa County is no exception. Teaming with robust agricultural and viticultural lands, home to many endangered species.

Sonoma County is a True Geographic and Topographic Delight

If the age-old saying is correct about variety being the spice of life then Sonoma County of Northern California is, in fact, “sugar and spice and everything nice.” In other words, Sonoma County is a true delight in every sense of the word.

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