-26 F (-32 C) Solo Camping at 11,500 ft (3500 m) – Try not to die skiing

A Quick Guide to the Italian Climate

With skiing and scorching hot summers, it is no wonder many visitors do not know what to expect from the Italian climate. Well, this article will help you out!

Birdwatching in Suffolk – A Guide to Reserves and Hides For Bird Watchers

Birdwatching in Suffolk is a joy as the landscape of the county is diverse and varied, and so is the range of wildlife that inhabit it. Avid birdwatchers and novices alike can enjoy a coastal walk and the possibility of sighting a Marsh Harrier or Avocet, or head north to the southern edge of the Broads where you can catch birds on migration taking a break for some bathing.

Theme Camping Pt 1

Theme camping is a wonderful way to combine camping and learning, seeing the world in new ways. Whether it’s you alone, as a couple or with kids-in-tow, theme camping is frosting on the cake for any camping adventure. The great thing about theme camping is that it allows you to discover many new campsites while pursuing the same theme.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Prepares For Centennial

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a wonderful way for visitors to experience the unspoiled natural beauty of the area. The park is within easy reach many Smoky Mountain cabin rentals and boasts a variety of activities for all members of the family. The park has more to offer than ever before as they implement a host of new projects in preparation for the National Park Service’s 2016 Centennial Initiative.

How to Keep Cool With a Shade Structure

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly necessary to have some form of shade structure to help keep cool and calm even under the hot sun. This is becoming more adopted by every firm, organization, institution, homes and families.

Luxury With Lake Powell House Boat Rentals

Lake Powell house boat rentals are quickly becoming the thing to do. Houseboat choices range from the ultra Spartan to the Ultra Gorgeous. These house boats are wonders at wonderful prices for various lengths of rental making the most difficult choice, not which one to choose, but how long to rent the vessel for.

Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, BC, Canada

There are many breathtaking, scenic landmarks to visit in Vancouver, BC, but Grouse Mountain is one of the most popular. Situated in North Vancouver and close to the equally famous Capilano Canyon suspension bridge, a day at Grouse Mountain will consist of a scenic cable car ride to the top of the mountain that takes about 8 minutes and offers stunning and spectacular views of Vancouver and the surrounding area as far as the eye can see.

Farm Trip Worth the Time! Queens County Farm Museum Rocks!

When you want to get back to the farm, then head towards the Queens County Farm Museum. You will be happy and you will swear it is a farm, not a museum. Have fun there with the kids or alone, either way, you will enjoy this mini-vacation in New York City.

Rivers in Jamaica Are Stunning Places to Visit

There are more than 100 rivers in Jamaica but not all of them have been explored or can be navigated. The most popular of all the rivers to be found on this island are in fact the Great River, the Rio Grande and the Martha Brae River. But other rivers around the island are actually increasing in popularity as well.

7 Different Water Bottles For Outdoors

Who would have thought a simple concept like a water bottle could evolve into all these different styles and design? See all 7 options (and growing, I’m sure).

How to Get Rid of Bears

Bears are magnificent creatures, not just because of their size or their “cuteness,” but also because of their intelligence. If you ask people who have been around bears, many of them would say that these mammals are almost like humans. Bears are very intelligent; they learn quickly and remember well. They also have color vision and keen senses. These huge creatures can adapt to situations easily, especially when it comes to getting their food.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Part of the Appalachian Highlands, the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennessee covers more than a half a million acres and its lush forests are home to thousands of species of wildlife. The park includes several mountains which top 6,000 feet including Mount Le Conte which comes up just short of 6,600 feet and is the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi and a favorite with visitors to the park. However elevations throughout the park vary from a mere 900 feet to 6,600 feet which provides a mixture of both easy hiking trails and some quite…

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