26 Miles Alone in West Virginia

Take A Holiday and Experience Unseen England

The UK has more than 2,000 miles of rivers, canals and lochs, and one of the best ways to explore the hidden treasures in the country is renting a boat or cruiser and having an adventurous holiday. Of course, a boating holiday in the UK means that people can visit a variety of locations, some which cannot be explored or visited during a conventional holiday involving car or train travel. Whether a person wants to holiday near the seaside or visit a Scottish loch, they will be able to find a boating holiday that is just perfect for them.

Enjoy Central South Carolina’s Rail Trails

A premier Newberry, South Carolina hotel highlights some of central South Carolina’s rail trails. These recreational trails help preserve the area’s railroading past.

Tips for Kayaking With Kids

Want to go kayaking with your kids? Here is some advice to help the trip go smoothly, including choosing inflatable kayaks for younger kids and setting clear rules beforehand for kids to follow.

Discover Adventures Galore in Tongariro National Park

It’s no wonder–the sheer number of outdoor recreational activities within the Tongariro National Park is enough to make you tired reading about, let alone actually doing them all. One of the biggest activities is hiking, or tramping as they call it here. Short hikes, long distance hikes, it doesn’t matter – you can do them both

Paparoa National Park Unveiled

I think the people that live in New Zealand have to be the luckiest people on the planet. Now, I’m all for National Pride–don’t get me wrong; but the wonders and spectacles that await in the Land of Kiwi… well, that’s something to behold, and it’s all because of the Pancake Rocks in the Paparoa National Park.

Evenings in St Petersburg

After touring St. Petersburg, most people look forward to an evening of revelry and fun. Well they won’t be disappointed as an evening in St. Petersburg is all that a person wants, and sometimes even more.

Ski Holiday Etiquette: 7 Ways to be Polite on the Slopes

So you have made all the necessary preparations for a ski holiday: you’ve booked a catered chalet and purchased the latest ski equipment. Find out how you can ensure a safe and enjoyable time on the slopes with these ski etiquette tips. It’s no secret that skiing is a well-loved sport but there will always be some impolite skier who can spoil the fun – or worse, put other skiers at risk.

What To Consider When Planning A Camping Trip

Planning camping trips or outdoor adventures are always considered as fun ways for people to de-stress or to bond with their loved ones. To those who are busy, going on trips would certainly help people enjoy what nature has to offer which is why these two are considered as two of the most loved past times of most people these days. To those who are planning on going for an outdoor adventure or camping trip anytime soon, then here are some tips to make the trip a lot more fun

Solar Kettles – Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors to our forum have asked a number of interesting questions about the solar kettle in order to best understand how it works and how to get the best use out of one. This article brings together the most common questions.

Albatross Encouters In Kaikoura

The beautiful district of Kaikoura is situated in the North Canterbury region of the South Island of New Zealand. Sitting on the east coast of the island, the district has a strong connection to the ocean and is famous for it’s seafood, and sea life. They even have an annual celebration ‘Seafest’ in honour of the bounty of the sea, and the prosperity it brings the district.

Taking on the World’s Tallest Water Slide

Brazil may be far below the equator, but it tops the list when it comes to water slides. If you’re crazy about water slides, then you have to get to know Insano. Insano is name of the world’s official tallest water slide, which is housed in a Brazilian water park just outside the city of Fortaleza.

Snow, Snow Mobiles and Tumbles

An unforgettably visit to Finnish Lapland. A glimpse of life amidst piles of snow and winter sports. A great place to visit and tuck away enduring memories.

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