3 Days Camping Catch & Cook – Bank Fishing for Catfish Exploring New Water

Spartanburg’s Gardens and Arboreta

A Spartanburg, South Carolina hotel gives an overview of the city’s gardens and arboreta. They offer visitors the chance to enjoy nature in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Dunwoody Nature Center

The Dunwoody Nature Center is a hidden gem in the Perimeter Mall area of metro Atlanta. It preserves 22 acres of natural green space in a growing urban area. The nature center is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic, a quiet walk, or catch a glimpse of area wildlife.

The Montgomery Canal, Shropshire and Welsh Border

Popularly known as “The Monty” this is an often forgotten waterway as boaters on the Llangollen canal rush past the junction at Welsh Frankton with hardly a second glance at the white signpost and its finger pointing to the top lock. The Montgomery had been abandoned after a breach in 1936 having previously suffered poor ground problems and leaks. It decayed, unnoticed and abandoned, until those who cared, backed by the IWA, persuaded BW that it could be saved for future generations. Frankton Locks were restored in 1987 but stood idle for almost 10 years.

The Caldon and Leek Canal

Caldon & Leek Canal – 43 Miles, 34 Locks. An easy week down on one of the most beautiful and quiet canals of them all.

Recreation on the Rio Grande

Gazing out at the barren, baked landscape of the southwestern Texas desert, visitors to the Big Bend region may not expect a thriving population of plants and animals to be nestled inside the cracks and crevices of the volcanic rock that comprise much of the terrain. A closer inspection of the area quickly reveals that this is not the case, as interesting flora and fauna are discovered, vegetation and wildlife that survive the arid heat of the day and the deadly cold of the desert night.

Choosing the Picnic Blanket That Is Perfect for You and the Outdoors

How many times have you said on a beautiful day, “this would be a perfect day for a picnic” but never follow through because you don’t have the right supplies for one? Well, next time be prepared for that moment by having the perfect picnic blanket or outdoor blanket.

Biking the California Desert

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, there is one activity the California desert is made for….. biking. There is a variety of terrain that can be traveled through and biking trails in the desert are plentiful. The city of Palm Springs is a city that was created with biking in mind. There are miles of rolling desert roads along with well-marked city routes and rugged single-track trails that wait to be explored…

History of Ice Cleats

Whether you call them ice cleats, shoe chains, ice spikes or an icegripper,  ‘personal traction devices’ are rapidly gaining popularity as a ‘must have’ piece of winter equipment. Most people would be forgiven for assuming these devices are a recent invention.  However research reveals this humble product has a long and interesting history.

Beaches in Goa Offer Unparalleled Charm

Goa is a fascinating tourist destination of India where tourists come from across the globe. Goa beaches are known the world over for their breathtaking charm. There are several wonderful beaches in Goa which offer great adventure sports facilities.

Making a Low Cost Portable Shelter

Making a portable shelter will allow you to carry your shelter when you plan on remaining on a hiking trip for more than just a single day. You can make a shelter with a couple of dowel rods and a tarpaulin. This kind of shelter is easy to transport to wherever you can find adventure.

Gold Detectors For Fun And Profit

Using a metal or gold detector can provide hours of entertainment for adults and children searching for coins, jewelry or gold nuggets. Besides the entertainment, while using a metal detector you will likely be walking and also enjoy health benefits.

11 Best State Parks in Minnesota

The Great River Bluffs State Park is located along the Mississippi River in southeastern Minnesota. The park contains two separate Scientific and Natural Areas (SNAs), King’s and Queen’s Bluff, each with their own unique and stunning views of the river and surrounding bluff country.

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