Make Your Travels More Fun With 7 Everyday Items

When you go out for an event, whether it is to a zoo, state or national park, or any place away from home, you will enjoy it more if you bring along some basic items. Wherever you go, you will always find something you didn’t expect. The things you didn’t expect usually make or break the moment.

Looking For Jaguars in Belize

The Northern area of Belize is home to many species of wildlife including the beautiful Jaguar. On a weekend stay at La Milpa, a field station about two and a half hour drive from Belize City, we searched each day for this beautiful cat. However the Jaguar is elusive and sightings are unusual, but maybe there are other rare creatures in this region of Belize.

Jim Corbett National Park – Perfect Weekend Tour Destination

Jim Corbett national park is the most sought after emerging tourist destination of India. The number of tourist heading to Corbett has increased leaps and bounds over the past decade.

The Lure of Clapham Common

London may be best known for its business side and its tourist attractions, but regular visitors will know about its green spaces such as Regent’s Park, Hyde Park and Clapham Common. Clapham Common is perhaps the least well known of these areas but it is in fact one of the most visited areas in south London. With 220 acres of open parkland for people to make use of, the Common is the perfect hangout on a sunny day.

Small Backpack or Large Backpack?

Many people feel that they can enjoy backpacking and travelling more by not carrying so much. Here, I briefly assess whether I can see myself reducing the amount of baggage volume and weight that I carry with me.

Kerala Holiday Packages – Holidays in God’s Own Country

Kerala is an exciting holiday destination located on the southwestern part of India. This beautiful state has maintained an inimitable cultural characteristic with customs, arts and festivals that continue to thrive.

Touring Campsites in Wales

For such a small geographical location there is so much variety to be found in Wales you’ll find yourself going back again and again, even the same place will never be the same twice as weather and seasons can change with remarkable speed in the country. From Hollyhead on the island of Anglesea in the north round the coast via Swansea to Cardiff and the stunning southern Welsh beaches, there is ample variety for those who want to see nothing but green, those who want to look out from the mountain tops or those who want to see nothing but the sea.

Umbrawarra Gorge

If you happen to be driving between Darwin and Katherine, Northern Territory in the early to mid dry season (May to about July), take a short detour to visit Umbrawarra Gorge. After a refreshing swim, you can be on your way again. Or, you could stay longer and explore more of the Umbrawarra Gorge Nature Park. There is also camping available.

Holidaying is Fun

Is there someone on this world who does not like to travel? Is there someone who does not want to spend time with his family and friends? Leaving certain exceptions there is no one, who would not like holidaying with his family and friends.

BC Summer Activities – Come and Play

For the active holiday-maker, choose western Canada as a place to settle yourself for a summer of fun. BC summer activities take you on the water or out onto rock bluffs. Take a golf club or a wine glass in your hand. You are sure to find something to enjoy about this beautiful province.

Come Swim With the Crystal River Manatee

Swimming with the manatees in Crystal River is a once in a life-time experience. See these friendly aquatic creatures in their natural habitat, face-to-face, for a memorable occasion that will provide stories and joy for years to come.

Ways to Spend More Time Outside

As the weather gets warmer, people’s thoughts usually turn toward spending more time outside enjoying the arrival of summer. There are many types of activities from which to choose. Several involve spending little or no money at all.

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