3 NIGHT WINTER CAMP USING SNOWMOBILES! – Canvas Hot Tent and Woodstove – Animals Everywhere.

Kumaon Tours – Uncovering the Hidden Treasures of Hills

Far away from the bustle of chaotic cities, Kumaon is a soothing hamlet with reverberating valleys, open ceaseless sky, refreshing breeze and cascading rivulets. Essentially a mountainous region the region is situated in Uttarakhand and is bounded by Tibet on one side and Uttar Pradesh on the other. The beauty of Kumaon tours is that despite being incredibly beautiful, the region has stayed untouched from the maddening touristy.

Why Hire a Campervan in Wales?

When heading to Wales it makes great sense to come straight out of the airport or train station and head to the nearest campervan hire. For such a small country you will be pleasantly surprised how many places that offer campervan hire there are on offer. It is not just the cities such as Cardiff, Swansea or Aberystwith, which are all well connected with other areas of the United Kingdom, but smaller places often offer campervan hire not far from the centre at all.

Motorhome Holidays in Scotland

There is such a breath taking variety of beautiful scenery to be found in Scotland that you could easily spend more than one lifetime and still not see it all. From the stunning peaks to the crystal waters and everything in between, including many historical sites and museums to a well established culture that welcomes heartily, there is something for everyone and his wife.

Outdoor Luxury – The Chaise Lounge

Since the early 1960’s the outdoor chaise lounge has been available. However, the options and versions today are much more esthetically pleasing that that of the earlier days. Today’s versions can be customized from the material they are made from, to the chaise cushions you choose to put on them.

Orlando, Florida – One Major Thing You Need to Know For a Sun Kissed Glow!

Sun screen is vital to you if you are visiting Orlando, Florida. I can not tell you how many times I’ve seen people with red faces and looking like a lobster after hanging out in the sun.

See the Stunning Preseli Hills on UK Rambling Holidays

If you’re looking into UK walking holidays with a difference, why not consider travelling to Pembrokeshire in Wales to trek in and around the beautiful Preseli Hills? The hills form part of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and represent one of just two inland areas included in the park’s limits. They offer a stunning backdrop for rambling holidays in this part of south Wales thanks to their rugged appearance and plethora of historical sights and attractions.

Hell’s Gate – Enter Another World

Established in 1984, this small national park lies just south of Lake Naivasha and about 90km north-west of Nairobi. Alarming as the name might sound, don’t be put off – the park itself is rich and stunning and should form a most rewarding part of a trip to Kenya.

What Sort of Portable Cooker Should You Buy?

Buying a Portable Cooker is a good step towards getting out and enjoying nature. These come in a huge range, starting with tiny cookers designed for those who hike long distances right through to huge gas cookers for those who tow a camper trailer with a four wheel drive. The important thing is that you take into consideration what you want the burner to do. You can’t expect a small hiking Portable Cooker to cook food for a whole family in a very cheap or quick fashion; you need a big burner.

Top Outdoor Activities That You Can Enjoy

Outdoor activities are always popular during the sunny season. You will always see people enjoying these activities with their friends and relatives.

Ireland’s Mountains Offer Stunning Vistas!

They may be famous throughout the world but the mountains of Ireland, whilst many in number, are of relatively low when levels compared to other ranges in the British Isles and Europe. As such they will not attract the serious climber who seeks out more demanding challenges in Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain to name but a few other European countries.

Why Having a Good Hiking Backpack is Important

Without having the right equipment with you when you are hiking you might make the trip harder and more uncomfortable to you than needed. A big part of your comfort and enjoyment comes from having the right gear and an important part of that gear is your backpack.

A Large Hammock Adds Sensible Fun to Your Outdoor Experiences!

For enjoying your time outdoors a large hammock offers many advantages! The hammock is a lightweight and portable bed which is useful for travel and leisure. A large hammock is a practical addition for your home, boat, or travel accessories.

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