4 Days Camping & Building a Trail

The Grandeur of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks of California house the some of the largest trees. It can also be found here USA’s deepest canyon, and magnificent Crystal Cave with the native wildlife and huge mountains.

Reviews About California’s Beaches

California has country beaches popular for its staggering variety. The Southern California beaches are tropical, hot and sandy. Northern California beaches, on the other hand, are windy, rocky and dotted.

Panama’s National Parks

With the world’s tourism leaning away from themed vacations, a new trend sees families traveling to jungles instead of Disney; taking cruises to Alaska instead of the Bahamas. This sect of tourism, aptly referred to as eco-tourism, flourishes in response to the times; as conservation consumes every aspect of our lives.

Hocking Hills – Beyond Old Man’s Cave

Many people throughout Ohio are familiar with Old Man’s Cave. However, many do not know that Old Man’s Cave is just one of six majestic state parks that the Hocking Hills has to offer. Exploring some of the lesser known gems in the Hocking Hills offers plenty of new experiences and surprises to hikers of all ages.

Nikon Camo Binoculars – Does Camoflage Determine Performance?

Which performance features are important? Is it camoflage, weight, magnification or image clarity? These are just some of the factors to consider.

Nikon Monarch 12×42 Binoculars – Are They Best Suited to Your Main Viewing Activity?

Is an 8x or a 12x binocular a better choice for most users? Well, that depends on what you want to use them for. Simply choosing to use 12×42 binoculars because they have a high magnification does not necessarily mean that they will be the right ones to use for your main viewing activity.

Waterfalls in the Caribbean

There is something special about a waterfall that seems to draw us. Maybe it is the sight of the water flowing over the edge or maybe it is the raw power that the water represents. Or maybe it is just that we are drawn to waterfalls because of the refreshing coolness that fills the air around the waterfall. Whatever it is, there is an attraction to waterfalls and the Caribbean has its fair share of waterfalls.

Mauna Kea’s Snowy Summit – The Home of the Hawaiian Snow Goddess, Poliahu

I love visiting the summit of Mauna Kea-whether I spend the day hiking the six-mile trail to the top or I drive to the end of the road for the 10 minute walk up the summit at Pu’u Weiku. I spend hours and hours watching the clouds, listening to the silence, soaking up the island-wide vistas. I’m not sure what draws me out of the tropical torpor of Kona, time and again, to the summit of Mauna Kea-maybe the exhilaration of altitude and the crisp, clean air, or the opportunities for snow-play, solitude; perhaps unconsciously I hope to see one of the legendary cat-fights between Pele and Poliahu, fire and ice.

Enjoy Trout Fishing in the Smoky Mountains Around Gatlinburg

Fishing is a great pastime for visitors to the Smoky Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You must have a valid Tennessee or North Carolina fishing license to fish here, however, and you can obtain them in surrounding towns to enjoy fishing at its best.

Survival Essentials For Any Wilderness Trip

If you are planning a trip into the wilderness, some survival essentials should be taken on every trip. This article will go over those necessary items for your trip.

Omaha Beach

My wife and I visited the Normandy American Memorial and Cemetery at Omaha Beach. My father was part of the supply/support division of the US Army that landed three weeks after D-Day. The author was unprepared for what an emotional experience visiting the Memorial and walking the beach turned out to be.

Days Out in Essex

With some of the most beautiful countryside and coastline in Britain and a large range of attractions offering impressive and relaxing activities for all the family, Days out in Essex are exciting, interesting and entertaining but never dull. Ramblers visit the region from all over the world as Essex has some of the best long distance and easy rambling routes in the UK. Perfect for taking your binoculars or camera along to view and study nature or simply to enjoy the local surroundings, you can take in the fresh air and relax with your favourite walking company.

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