5 DAY SOLO BUSHCRAFT ADVENTURE-Camp Life, Flint and Steel with Natural Tinder, Popcorn over the Fire

Visit Enchanting Miami and Explore the Best of Highlights

Miami is one of the most visited cities in the world that attract a flock of the tourists from varied parts of the globe. Its highlights are a real treat for the holiday-makers.

The Best Walks in Northumberland

Northumberland in the far north-east of England is described by Country Walking Magazine as “the best place for walking in the country.” They are not wrong! Relatively undiscovered by tourism, Northumberland is blessed with a wealth of unspoiled terrain, dozens of fascinating nature trails and all-level walking routes that invite you to explore lush green surroundings, winding rivers with hidden waterfalls and an awe-inspiring coastline steeped with dramatic cliffs and history.

Family Adventure in Norway’s Magnificent National Parks

Norway is home to dozens of protected national parks, all offering a diverse and different view of the spectacular landscapes that this country has to offer. No matter where you are, there is likely to be at least one major national park within easy driving distance. Norway’s parks are one of the country’s major attractions.

Kea: A Hiker’s Paradise

Imagine hiking on a sparsely populated Aegean island, exploring ancient ruins and quaint island villages, and relaxing on an idyllic beach as the sun sets over the sea. If this sounds like the perfect holiday to you, plan a trip to Kea, part of Greece’s Cyclades Islands. This mountainous and fertile island is particularly famous for its hiking trails which, due to their numerous ancient artifacts and gorgeous scenery, are some of the most remarkable in Greece.

Keep Cool This Summer in Columbia, South Carolina

A Columbia, South Carolina hotel highlights ways to stay cool during Columbia’s hot summers. Visit a water park, take the kids to a splash pad, or go tubing in the Saluda River.

Farm Grown Peaches in Upstate South Carolina

A Spartanburg, South Carolina hotel highlights where to buy farm grown peaches in the Upstate. Several farms in the region sell their peaches directly to the public.

Is Traveling in Mexico Safe? Yes!

Mexico is a safe travel destination. Use the common sense you would always use at home and enjoy your vacation!

5 Useful Tips In Choosing The Best Motorhome

Going to holiday with your family is perhaps the thing that you have dreamt of all the year. Finally, you can see this dream fulfilled.

Birdwatching in Cuba Is Truly Beyond Compare

For birders, the opportunity to see tropical species in their natural habitat, and more familiar birds in their wintering grounds, can be a once in a life-time experience. To add to their life lists, passionate birders travel to exotic locations around the world in the hopes of catching a glimpse of species that very few people have the chance to lay eyes on. With recent reductions in the travel sanctions between the United States and Cuba, many birdwatchers currently have an opportunity that they have only been able to dream about for the last 50 years.

A Look At The Native Birds And Plants Of New Zealand

Without question, the thing that draws the most tourists to New Zealand for a holiday is its unique and varied natural environment: while there are cosmopolitan cities, world class art galleries and endless opportunities for adrenaline based tourist activities, the true draw card is that it is like no other place on earth. New Zealand has one of the highest levels of endemism in the world: that is many of the plants and birds found in New Zealand are not found anywhere else, due to its long period of geographical isolation and subsequent unique evolutionary path…

Acadia National Park

Maine’s Acadia National Park is more than 35,000 acres of pristine land located close to Bar Harbor. It has the distinction of being the first National Park East of the Mississippi. Acadia celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016.

Wine Trail of Malaga

Although not as popular as French wines, Malaga can hold its own among some of the best wines found around the world. The sweet and velvety dessert wines made from Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel grapes have found their calling on the world stage.

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