-60F/-51C Winter Camping in Hot Tent

Birding in Papua New Guinea

Many birdwatchers consider birds of paradise to be the most exotic, fantastic birds on earth. And most birding experts agree that there’s no better place to observe the bird of paradise species than the Tari Valley, in the Southern Highlands region of Papua New Guinea.

Rotterdam – Experience Something New on This Vacations

Rotterdam is a city located in the west of Netherlands. It is the major attraction of tourist from all over the world.

Visit Australia For Adventurous Holidays

Visitors from all around the globe are lured in the direction of Australia and its huge unscathed wilderness areas, from wide desert landscapes to thick tropical forest, to reef swarming with fishes and the whole thing in between. Different ecosystems that support exclusive wildlife, jointly with wealthy aboriginal traditions, merge to generate an experience similar to no other.

Dull Lake – A Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir

Generally as we start talking about the lakes it creates a tingling feeling of excitement. Dull Lake is a beautiful combination of peacefulness, natural beauty. The lake is situated in Srinagar. Dull Lake is famous about its calm and decent environment. The lake is decorated with the glorious surroundings. It is the lifeline of Srinagar.

Inexpensive Ghillie Suits That Fit Your Budget

As with any product on the market, Ghillie Suits are offered in many styles, colors and cost. Keeping as much money in our pocket as we can is a full time job to make those dollars go further and further as the world economy gets tougher and tougher. An inexpensive suit can be found with diligent searching. Local Sports stores, Army Surplus, online stores, second hand stores and the home made project are all ways to get your suit at the lowest cost possible.

What Are Brazilian Hammocks?

Most of the Brazilian hammocks are a bit fancier and have fringe that hangs from the sides in a beautiful pattern. You will feel like a king or queen when you lie in one of these hammocks.

Lake James State Park in Nebo, NC is Dog Friendly

Lake James State Park in Nebo, NC is less than an hours drive from Asheville and is a great place to take your dogs and go cool off during hot summer days. You can also rent a canoe or bring your own. We found a nice quiet cove with a small beach where the dogs could run and swim without bothering anyone else. Dogs have to be leashed in the park but if you can find quiet spots with few to no people to turn them loose.

Screen House – Getting Prepared For a Weekend Outdoors

If you’re the kind of person who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, then you probably also spend a lot of time checking out the latest camping and outdoor recreation supplies and equipment. If you’re thinking of upgrading your own collection of outdoor supplies, then you’re going to need to make sure that you’re thinking ahead.

Going For a Rafting Adventure During the Summer Holiday

When you decide to go on holiday with your kids it can sometimes be hard to figure out what exactly you should do and where to go. A summer holiday should be a fun experience for all the family this is why we have to think long and hard before you make a decision.

Best Places to Go Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of the most amazing things that you can do. Many people dream of being able to swim underwater like a fish without needing to come up for air, which is exactly what scuba diving allows you to do! As you may know, there is a lot of training that you must undertake before you’re actually allowed to scuba dive, but it’s definitely worth it! So where are the best places to scuba diving?

Rental of an ATV on Your Trip Vs Bringing Your Own

If you plan a trip in the open air, you may not want to bring your own ATV with you. But without it, you miss all the great riding, you can do while on vacation. What is an ATV enthusiast to do? If you go on a long journey and do not like the idea of transporting your ATV or enough for your whole family with you, there are other options still enabling you to enjoy the outdoors on an ATV.

The Tropical Climatic Conditions of the Caribbean Region Which Make it a Tourist Haven

This article shows the climatic conditions which make the Caribbean region such an attraction to tourists, particularly those from northern climes looking for an escape from the cold winters. It describes the consistency of the Caribbean weather patterns and suggests the best times to go if you want to have the driest weather or to avoid any possibility of hurricanes interrupting your holiday.

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