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Fishing in Perthshire

Although Perthshire is renowned for its golf courses there is another sporting activity that is a favourite with many visitors to the region. The sport that we are talking about is fly fishing and the reason for this is that there are many rivers and lochs across Perthshire housing some wonderful trout and salmon.

Luxury Camping Destinations

Luxury encamping is good for those people who wish to enjoy nature without any of the amenities that they simply are not able to go a few days without. All around the world you will have the alternative of residing in different luxury encamping places and go ‘glamping’ – also known as glamour camping. Abercrombie And Kent – The camping area known as Abercrombie And Kent is located in the historical city of Jordan. Individuals who understand Biblical history might recognize this as the lands of Moab, Edom, and Gilead.

Shetland Isles – A Fisherman’s Paradise Part 2

Shetland Sea fishing, is quite simply, one of the most comprehensive fishing experiences going. Its hard to beat the thrill and excitement you feel in the pit of your stomach as your rod tugs and bends under the weight of fish. The excitement and anticipation of what you might find on the end of your line stirs the child in you as it recalls the feelings of excitement you had when you caught your first ever fish.

The Highland Games

When you decide to spend time visiting Perthshire, Scotland no visit would be complete without attending one of the many Highland Games events that take place throughout the year. These events allow the people of Scotland to celebrate both their Scottish and Celtic heritage and the cultures that have developed from them.

Nikon Night Vision Binoculars

Nikon are a known brand in the industry and they develop or produce new products such as night vision binoculars. Nikon are known for sport optics and cameras, but you will see much more too.

Night Owl Night Vision Binoculars

Night Owl night vision binoculars are a popular brand on the market. There a few different models and features to choose from. Here are some of them.

Infrared Night Vision Binoculars

Infrared night vision binoculars are commonly used by spies or military, army etc. this device is very useful to them especially when they are asked to patrol and guard their area at night. These devices help them in seeing at night with the use of this device seeing people or things at night are much easier with the help of this type of binoculars.

ATN Night Vision Binoculars

In the past binoculars are not so popular but today these gadget are getting popular not only because they are very useful in the military or soldiers and on the field of battle but because you can do other stuff with night vision binoculars other than spying on your enemy. Today many companies and brands are out competing in the market and one of these brands is the ATN or the American Technologies Network Corp.

Strolling Along North Norfolk’s Beautiful Beaches Is an Unforgettable Experience

Beaches along the north Norfolk coastline are truly magnificent. If staying in one of the Norfolk luxury hotels a few miles inland in town such as Holt or Burnham Market, you are rarely more than moments away from the coast and one of these beaches. In fact, while on a weekend break Norfolk, you can hardly miss hitting the coastline at some stage and taking in one of the beaches.

Summer Activities I Enjoy With My Family

Like most people I relish with anticipation those long summer days and nights. The warmth of the sunshine against my skin and the general feeling of well-being can hardly be surpassed as one of natures most rewarding experiences. With this fantastic season comes a myriad of leisure pursuits I love to tackle.

4 Family Outdoor Activities Everyone Will Enjoy

Most families today spend far too much of their time indoors. Between television, video games, and computers, it is easy for families to forget that there is a great big world out there waiting to be explored. Taking time to experience the outdoors does not have to be fancy or expensive. Simply going outside and taking a walk gives you an opportunity to see and discuss new things. If your family has been spending too much time indoors and you are ready to make a change, here are four family friendly outdoor activities.

Where To Find Our Feathered Friends

If you’re keen on birds, you’ll find a weekend break Norfolk makes the perfect getaway. The area has plenty of places aimed at birdwatchers, whether you just like to spot different species as you stroll around, or whether you’re a professional twitcher keen on camping at a bird hide with all the kit. For birdwatchers staying in North Norfolk hotels, Pensthorpe near Fakenham is a must-see spot.

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