Backcountry Camping with my New Dog. American Made Axe. Tipi Tent. Testing BUSHCRAFT/CAMPING GEAR.

Seattle Top Attractions

Visiting Seattle’s top attractions is one way to learn the city’s history, culture, industries and unique beauty and character. Seattle is beyond the ordinary. The creative vitality of the city is felt in the diversity of its regional cuisine and industries such as its Boeing planes and state-of-the-art infrastructures.

Are You a True Hiker?

Are your feet the kind that enjoys taking you to mysterious narrow paths amongst Fir trees, myriads of wild ferns and tiny wet fresh flowers for your eyes and nose to enjoy, view and scent? Maybe your feet prefer tougher paths up hill, through the heavy, scented woods of Fort Worden? Maybe your feet want to end the hike on top of a magnificent cliff, overlooking the grand beauty of the Puget Sound?

Changing Tent – Camouflage Your Privacy

When changing clothes in public it is always a tedious and embarrassing thing to try and keep ourselves hidden from people’s eyes. Lucky for us there is a simple, elegant and practical solution that you are may even get addicted to.

Narrowboat Along the Macclesfield and Peak Forest Canal

Our canal boat holiday started on the Macclesfield canal at Congleton, which has some interesting pubs and shops. We hired our 44 foot 4 berth narrowboat from Heritage Narrow boats, it was a modern well appointed canal boat with central heating, tv, radio/cd etc. as well as all bed linen and duvets.

Enjoy a Romantic Cabin Retreat

It is nice every once in awhile to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to take a moment to sit back and relax with that certain someone. Kick up your heels and enjoy a weekend away in a romantic cabin retreat.

Africa Walking Tours – What You Need to Know About Walking Safaris

The original Africa safaris were walking tours. Though they have been greatly replaced by today’s fast paced vehicle safaris, the magic of an Africa walking tour lives on. Walking safaris introduces you to the African wildlife and wilderness in a much superior way than you can ever archive when you are cooped up in a safari vehicle. If you enjoy walking as hobby read on for the facts about Africa walking safaris.

A Short Break Along the Caledonian Canal, Scotland

We recently joined some friends on their boating holiday along the Caledonian canal. A short boating holiday was an ideal way to spend a long weekend. The car journey was very scenic up to Fort William, at the start of this canal which passes through the Great Glen. The canal links several lochs from Inverness down to Fort William, so at times you are on quiet an expanse of water, especially Loch Ness. From Glasgow or Edinburgh the trip north to the Caledonian canal takes about two hours by car on good quality roads.

Backpack Tips by a Seasoned Veteran

As a college senior entering his final semester en route to a 6-year Bachelor’s Degree (not by design, but by indecision and poor scheduling) I consider myself qualified in the subject of backpacks. Of course, I do not wish to label myself as strictly a ‘school backpacker’. Here are some tips from my 26 years.

Enjoy the Majesty of the Alaskan Outdoors and the Convenience of Urban Juneau

When people think of having lots of fun in the great outdoors, one of the first destinations to come to mind is definitely Alaska. The northern state is a veritable natural playground, with a wealth of pristine and charming natural habitats and some of the most enchanting panoramas in the world. To get the most out of your Alaska trip, and to have a little pampering even as you explore the untamed wilds of Alaska, stay at a Juneau hotel (one of the many catering to visitors, all of which are excellent) and let yourself enjoy this peaceful city.

Kruger National Park, South Africa – What to Expect

If you ever wanted to see the vast variety of wild game in Africa, Kruger National Park is the place to go. This is no San Diego Zoo where you walk around at your leisure and get your fill in a few short hours. Plan to spend at least two days to enjoy the wonders this park has to offer.

5 Places to Escape the Crowds in the Lake District

The path led on into the upper reaches of the valley. The only sound here was the river somewhere below on my left in a rocky ravine where it flowed back down towards the valley floor spreading into a wide alluvial plain. A lone raven soared above the Grey crags up to my right and snow blanketed the mountainside higher up. I made my way on up to where the path crossed an ancient stone wall at a stile and was met by a surprise.

Off-Road Driving on A Hen Weekend

If you are a bride to be who fancies swapping a relaxing pampering hen weekend for something with a bit more adrenaline then you might want to consider a 4 x 4 driving experience for you and the other girls in your hen party. A hen weekend is perfect for trying unique activities that you might otherwise not do and you can be sure that if your hen party likes a bit of adventure, then they’ll love 4 x 4 driving.

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