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Choosing Your First Canoe

So, you are planning to go for a camping trip. You have sorted out everything but are not able to choose the best canoe for this trip. Bad, isn’t it? But don’t worry! We are here to solve your problem. We will give you an idea regarding the type, quality, durability and price of canoe that you should opt for.

The Great Falls in New Jersey – A Natural Attraction With Historical Significance

The Great Falls of the Passaic River, located just 12 miles from New York City in the city of Paterson, New Jersey, is a not only spectacular natural attraction in the nation’s most populous state, it also gained historical significance in the early stages of the American industrial Revolution by supplying water power to the nation’s first manufacturing center. The falls now 77 feet high, emerged approximately 13,000 years ago the end of the ice age. As the glaciers ice melted, the Passaic River swelled and rerouted it’s way around the north end of the Watchung Mountains, carving out the spectacular falls from the basalt base.

Honeymoon in Ooty

The fascinating Ooty hill station is truly a paradise for honeymoon couples. Romantic destinations coupled with charming hotels and resorts makes Ooty the ideal destination for honeymoon couples. The romantic weather, the verdant landscapes and charming cottages built in the colonial style, are some of the many endearing features here.

State Parks Are an Excellent Place to Relax and Enjoy Nature

State Parks are an excellent place to go on vacation. There are literally thousands of state parks in the United States. Many of these parks are in the state of Michigan. Holland State park is one such place.

The Internal Frame Backpack – A Turning Point in the History of Outdoor Activity

A short review of the history of backpacks and in particular why internal frame backpacks were invented and who made the first design. The internal frame backpack was invented in 1967 by Greg Lowe, who went on to found “Lowe-pro”, a company specializing in bags for specific applications. In 1972, Lowe-pro introduced the first foam padded soft-sided camera bag. Until then, camera cases were made of hard leather that provided protection against scratching, but not so much against other types of damage, such as from dropping.

Survival Kits Needed When Vacationing Outdoors

Exploring the woods, mountains, hiking trails, and other fun camping sites has been a beloved outdoor activity for ages now. There are so many ways to fully maximize nature that it would be impossible to enumerate in one article. But one thing that’s a must to have make this an excellent experience is to have the right outdoor emergency kits and supplies.

Soothe Your Mind With Health Retreats (Mystery Mountain Wilderness – MMW)

The fast paced modern lifestyle is full of hectic schedules. Constant work load does not allow us to relax for a while and think for ourselves or our health. As a result the mental and physical stress piles up to a great extent and sometimes it results into a breakdown in the nervous system.

Have a Greener Holiday

It seems like lately we have been inundated with new slogans – go green, reduce your carbon footprint, become energy efficient. These may get a little tiresome and sound a tad confusing, but they are important issues that we do need to take seriously.

Whistler – Lost Lake Park

Almost everything in Whistler can be enjoyed regardless of the season and Lost Lake Park is no exception. Read on to find out why visiting Lost Lake Park in Whistler should be placed high on your priority list.

Train Vacation – Different Destinations to Consider and Choose

When folks consider vacations, they think of beaches most of the time. And, when considering these beaches, they will usually consider only two methods of transportation, the automobile and the airplane. Many simply do not consider an often unused and mostly unconsidered type of vacation that can be quite different and fun. The train vacation is something that many should seriously consider instead of the normal and cliche type of vacation. These will take a person or family to places that they never would have thought and show them things that they otherwise would no see.

Walking in Lincolnshire

There are plenty of places to explore on foot when in visiting the area. While the county is the second largest in England, it has one of the lowest densities in population so there are wide open and untouched countryside destinations to discover.

Entiat Washington – Gateway to Recreation

Entiat, Washington has long been known as the “gateway to recreation”. And there’s a very good reason for this moniker… there are so many nearby places to go to enjoy the outdoors, wildlife and recreation. And with the region’s great climate of sunny days and starry nights, there are ample opportunities to enjoy it.

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