Boondocking by the Lake in a DIY Travel Trailer

The Awesome Outdoor Recreation of Boulder, Colorado

If you are looking for an outdoor adventure vacation, Boulder should be considered on the top of your list. You can experience hiking, kayaking, golfing and many other outdoor activities under beautiful scenery. This is why many people come here to retire.

10 Essentials For a Successful Beach Holiday

Everybody knows that you don’t need a great deal for a memorable beach holiday. You’ve already chosen your destination because it’s a sun worshiper’s paradise, and proving to be popular, so there’s plenty of chance you’ll be noticed. You can also leave the rain behind, forget about work, and unwind and relax for a couple of weeks. What could be better? Here’s what you need.

Men’s Waterproof Jackets Are Among the Things You Need to Protect Yourself Against Harmful Elements

Men who are interested or are still about to participate in outdoor activities should know the things that they must be equipped with and these include men’s waterproof jackets. However, they should not obtain the first waterproof jacket that they stumble upon at a shop rather, they should also consider the kind of outdoor activities they are undertaking. Waterproof jackets are, as a matter of fact, essential outdoor requirements as they defend you from nature’s harmful elements like the wind and the rain. Thus, shop for them wisely.

The Pennines

The Pennines are a low rising mountain rage which runs through northern England and southern Scotland. The mountain range often referred to as the ‘backbone of England’ separates the North West of England from Yorkshire and the North East.

Niagara Falls – A Reference For Conservationists

Believe it or not, Niagara Falls had a role to play in the events that resulted in the creation of our beloved National Parks. So how did an attraction in the Union lead to the National Parks over 3000 miles away? Read on and find out!

Outdoor Survival Tools

No outdoor survival can be complete without the appropriate gear to get you going. Whether it’s a survival knife, emergency medication, or a sleeping bag, you’ll need some tools to help you survive outside the comfort of your home. Different experts have different opinions as to which tool is the most important, but there are a few basic tools that make every survivalists list.

Go Green – Visit America’s National Parks, Your Great American Real Estate

Many Americans don’t realize that they are co-owners to some of the most incredible landscape on the planet, our National Parks. America’s national parks have always been open to all people without discrimination epitomizing democracy at work and offering all an equal share in the wealth and beauty of the land.

What Thermal Clothes and Newspapers Have in Common

Did you know that you can use newspapers to survive in freezing cold situations? Check out how newspapers and thermal clothes both keep you warm.

The Plants of Exmoor

The wildlife and Plants of Exmoor are truly sublime. The interaction between coastal, wooded and open habitats allows a number of Plants and Animals to thrive. It was once a Royal forest but since its sale in the eighteen hundreds much of this has been cut down.

Sport Climbing

If you’re looking to get into the climbing scene, check out this article to learn about one of the most popular types of climbing. Find out the benefits to sport climbing and gear up to begin climbing on your own.

Top 8 Picnic Totes

The top 8 picnic totes make picnicking much easier than it ever was before and also let you really get into the parts of picnicking and food you love best. You can read here for useful information regarding the top 8 picnic totes.

Choosing a Picnic Tote For Your Needs

Choosing a picnic tote for your needs is a simple process that can be very exciting once you know what’s out there on the market available from a wide variety of companies. Furthermore, because these models are usually inexpensive, practical, and don’t take up much space, you can have a variety of choices at your home to fit whatever picnicking experience you are looking for on any given day.

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