Bushcraft Bunkbed Winter Camping Trip (Building a Winter Survival Shelter)

Visiting the Beach in the Off-Season

Finding a great value at the beach in the off-season. The things to find in a great off-season vacation.

Being a Responsible Trekker

How to be a responsible trekker. The choices you make will impact the environment and your trip.

Choosing The Right Backpack For Your Hike

Helpful tips on choosing the right backpack. Types of packs available and which one will fit your trekking needs.

Preparing for Your First Trek

Tips on how to prepare for the fist trek. Condition yourself and take care of your most valuable asset, your feet.

Shark Encounters in Hawaii

Sharks have been getting bad press for a long time, but recent research indicates they are not nearly as dangerous as once believed. Yet, seeing sharks up close and personal while immersed in a metal cage is still one of the most thrilling adventures imaginable. This exciting experience, offered by North Shore Shark Adventures, on Oahu, is available nowhere else in Hawaii.

Honey As A Great First Aid Treatment For Adventurous Travellers

An unwanted cut, graze, or other wound can be an unwelcome intrusion on your holiday. Whether it has come from a crash mountain biking, a tumble while trekking, bashing through thick jungle in the tropics, or any other mishap that may happen. You want to get it treated as best you can to prevent infection from occurring, and start it healing.

Necessities Of A Successful Adventure – Key Guides To Fruitful Expedition

Miles and miles of travels start with just a single step, then another and another…until you can count no more of your steps. At the end of the journey, whichever type it is, be it a touristic adventure, or a short errand within your locality, one step is as important as the other. The best reference is from the Masai community, living in the plains of the great home of African heritage who uses three cooking stones to support the pot and two of which cannot function without the third one.

Mexico Holidays – Gateway to Carnival

One of the requirements of modern day life is to take periodic breaks and go on vacations which would break the monotony of life and relieve one from the daily grind of unforgiving itinerary. No wonder going on break is one exercise everyone looks forward to. An activity which was always greatly in demand but which has reached a new high in recent times, thanks mainly to the growing work pressure amongst people.

Snowmobiling – Seeing is Believing!

Snowmobiling. Totally different. Awesome. Thrilling. Mind blowing scenery. An adventure never to be forgotten.

Going Up And Down The 5199m Ladder – Climbing Mt Kenya

Mount Kenya is the second highest point one can ever climb in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro. At an altitude of 5199m, even though it sits 16km astride the equator, it has gleaming and eroded permanently snow-covered peaks visible for miles until the late morning clouds obscure the view. This old extinct volcano forms a national park above the 3200 contour mark and it has three peaks namely: Batian, the highest, Nelion and Lenana.

Oregon’s Rogue River Celebrates 40 Years of Protection

2008 heralds the 40th year of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. The Rogue River, located in southern Oregon, is one of the original eight rivers protected by this Act. Interesting historical characters such as Aldo Leopold and Robert Marshall worked in the 1930s and 1940s to help foster newly-emerging ideas on conservation and preservation. Their passion helped lay the foundation for the 1968 Rivers Act.

Mosquitoes – Prevent Them From Living Around Your Space

Is there anything more aggravating then laying in bed at night and hearing the buzz of a mosquito in the room? It just kills me. Well, you can turn on the lights and hunt for the bugger all night, but there is a better step. Prevent mosquitoes from living around your home.

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