Mountain Survival – Fishing, Foraging and Building a Survival Shelter

Mountain Survival

My 2nd Favourite Australia Walking Trip – The Bibbulmun Track

The Bibbulmun Track is the longest walking trail in Western Australia, winding its way over 900km from the foothills of Perth through Jarrah and Karri Forests to the rugged coastline of Albany. The distance is a bit extreme for a ‘tour’, but the track can be broken into many stages, so as to offer a taster of the whole track. The full 900km is on my list of things to do in my lifetime, I just hope I still have the energy once I have the time.

Wildlife in Andalucia

A beautiful 5 days travelling round seeing some of the highlights of what Andalucia has offer and there really is plenty to see! It is so diverse, so forget the idea that Spain has only beaches and sun and add into the mix, national parks, beautiful wildlife, mountains and great walks, historical towns and cities, great food, amazing wines, music and dance.

Deciphering Hot Air Balloons

Hot air balloons are one of the most fascinating, yet so misunderstood human inventions. The first human flight of this fascinating human invention took place on November 21, 1783 from a courtyard in Paris, France. On board that flight were two Frenchmen, Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier and Francois Laurent.

View 7 States From the Peak of Clingmans Dome

On a clear day you can stand at the Clingmans Dome observation tower and see over 100 miles and seven states. Bring a picnic and make a day of it.

Major Attractions in Utah

Utah is a state filled with great outdoor adventures just waiting to happen. If you like outdoor attractions like camping, hiking and skiing then you are going to love this state.

Planning Your Next New York Adirondack Adventure

One of the most important things you can do before leaving for your outdoor adventure in the Adirondacks, whether it’s going on a short day hike or a long backpacking trip, is to plan your trip accordingly. Planning every aspect of your trip is extremely important because you never know what’s going to happen when you get out there.

Top Off the Beaten Path – Waterfalls in Costa Rica

The following list offers visitors insider reviews of some of the top off the beaten path waterfalls to visit in Costa Rica. A collection of personal finds and secret spots frequented by locals, these waterfalls are sure to offer a great day trip during your travels to Costa Rica.

Bali Holidays and the Best Bali Surfing Experiences

There’s a song that I grew up with in Australia called ‘I’ve been to Bali too’. The lyrics, some that I remember to this day courtesy of over-play by my Dad, include: “And you can’t impress me, ’cause I’ve been to Bali too”, which I’ve always understood to mean that Bali holidays were still beautiful even though they’re popular. I’ve been on holidays in Indonesia several times.

Picnic Planning

Summer is over but I was thinking about the past few months and some picnics I went on. The first picnic of the season was kind of a disaster. No bottle opener, a missing set of knives and a few other problems. This often happens when you have seasonal events and first get back to them after a long layoff.

A Trip to Hunter Farms – The Perfect Fall Getaway

Fall has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest and fall colors are beginning to appear along the Skokomish River. Learn why fall is the perfect time of year for a trip to Hunter Farms. Hunter Farms is located in Union, Washington, in the beautiful Skokomish River Valley, and is a working farm.

Top 10 Portable Grills

Here is a list of the top 10 portable grills that you’ll find out on the market. Take a look at these styles to get an idea what works for your needs and what’s out there.

5 Yummy Picnic Dessert Recipes

Picnicking is usually associated with fresh produce, sandwiches, or barbecue, but it is also a great place for desserts. Here are 5 yummy picnic dessert recipes that you can easily do yourself for your next outdoor venture.

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