Bushcraft Raft, Survival Camping And Foraging

How To Make A Bushcraft Raft, Survival Camping And Foraging

Main Purposes of Outdoor Clothing

Aside from the obvious purposed of clothing; to keep us warm, dry and protect our modesty, the extreme conditions that we encounter when hiking or trekking may demand we take more care selecting our clothes. Outlined below are three main things that we should look to achieve with our outdoor clothing.

Prepare Yourself For Quad Biking in Wales

Wales is a top destination for outdoor activity due to its rolling hills and famous valleys. Glorious woodland and idyllic coastlines also ensure it is one part of Great Britain that is crying out to be explored.

5 Rainy Day Activities For Outdoor Enthusiasts

The weather may not be warm and sunny but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in doors. This article makes some great suggestions for fun activities outdoor enthusiasts can do even when the weather starts to turn.

Great Things About Jansport Backpacks

Where do you usually carry your stuff when you travel out of town? You might be trekking, mountain climbing or camping with friends. Do you want to go to school with a cool back pack that everybody else would be envious about?


Mahableshwar – I Wanna Eat The Strawberries!

Mahabaleshwar was established as Health Resort 1829 A.D. It was a jail for Chinese and Malay convicts from 1834 to 1864. The capacity of the jail was 120 prisoners. These prisoners introduced cultivation of Red Potatoes, Strawberries and Weaving of Cane and Bamboo Baskets. Many of the prisoners stayed at Mahabaleshwar after they were released. Chinese names were on Municipal Voter’s List till 1951.

Choosing the Perfect Beach Chair – A Guide

Nothing beats a day at the beach. Playing in the waves, sitting in the sun (or the shade), the kids building sandcastles. To maximize your relaxation at the beach, bring beach chairs that will provide comfort and stability.

My Proven and Reliable Snapping Turtle Method

When I was about 12 or 13 I almost lived at the cabin and pond that my grandfather had built for recreation. Unfortunately the place had been neglected considerably by then. One of the misfortunes of that neglect was that the pond had been over run with snapping turtles.

Long Island’s Outdoor Activities – Many Possibilities

One of the greatest things about living on Long Island today is the many things you can do outside. Some of these you can even do all year around, which is great for kids and adults. All types of people enjoy biking in many areas of the island. Many roads are conducive to the activity providing bike-only lanes, especially roads in the various parks. There are also many bicycle clubs that you can join, including the LI Bicycle club, which can match you up with other like-minded riders.

Become a Birder Today!

To become a “birder” you need only to recognize that interest. Here’s how to start. Get a paper and pen or grab your laptop and begin by making a list of every bird that you currently are able to identify on sight. For many people, this list would probably contain the following birds: Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, American Crow, American Robin, Rock Pigeon, Hummingbird (though maybe you don’t know the specific species).

Owls – 5 Fascinating Facts About Them That Most People Get Wrong

Owls are fascinating birds – there are about two hundred different species of owls and they are found throughout the world apart from Antarctica. The elf owl is the smallest at only 5.3 inches in height, the largest are the Eurasian Eagle Owl and Blakiston’s Fish Owl which both are over 28 inches long with a wingspan taller than most men! Read the article for 5 fascinating facts that people often get wrong.

Small Binoculars, Big Quality

Bigger is not always better when it comes to binoculars. Find out why compact binoculars are not only handy but how they can save you a lot of headaches.

3 Of The Most Beautiful Walking Holidays England Has To Offer

If you’re looking for a walking holiday, you need look no further than your own home country as Britain has some of the most beautiful and diverse walking holidays in the world. I have outlined three of the best with a short description of each and links to further information and booking lines.

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