Bushcraft Survival Shelter – No Tent No Sleeping Bag Winter Camping

The Best Places in Europe to Go Whitewater Rafting

A lot of people all over the world enjoy certain activities that will surely give them a whole lot of enjoyment. They would like to indulge in all the pleasures that different countries have to offer. After all, Europe is definitely a big place and you’ll have a lot of sights, sounds and experiences to witness and be a part of. However, if you find yourself planning a trip to Europe and to any of the countries within the continent, you might want to consider engaging in a recreational sports activity which will surely get your blood pumping.

The World’s Most Fascinating Bridges to Walk

Bridges often provide walkers with a spectacular view of the surrounding area. If you’re a fan of architecture, or simply enjoy a good view, then consider visiting one of the world’s best bridges to walk.

The Lure Of Backpacking

Far from a tedious trekking along a monotonous, never-changing landscape, backpacking appeals to some of the most mystical aspects of our being. So if you’ve thought about picking up a pack and heading out into the wilderness but dismissed the idea as an exercise in mental and bodily pain, you might be surprised at what you may be missing!

Natural Water Parks of Texas

Families love the fun and excitement of water parks but what could be better than enjoying a family day out on your cheap package holidays to America at a natural water park in the state of Texas. Get away from the concrete pools and waterslides and relax under the beautiful summer sunshine at a natural swimming hole set in beautiful surroundings.

Lightweight Backpacking: An Introduction To Increasing Pleasure

Lightweight backpacking can provide you with the extra energy and enthusiasm you need to transform your hikes. Trade in those grueling experiences where you feel more like a packhorse for enjoyable outings where your attention moves from aches and pains to the wonder of nature.

Portable Gas Stoves – Getting the Best Stove for Your Outdoor Cooking Event

Nothing beats the smell of food cooking outdoors when you are with friends or family. However, having the right type of Stove is an important consideration when planning a trip away, which may be with two or twenty of you. This article looks at some of those issues, with advice on the right stove for your trip.

National Parks – Preserving Resources for the People

The idea of a National Park was unheard of when the US created a law to preserve Yosemite and placed it under the protection of the state of California. The first National Park, Yellowstone was created in 1872 followed by Yosemite and two other parks. After a private company proved to be a bad move, the National Parks were places under the protection of the US military. Eventually the National Park Service was formed to protect and monitor the use of public park lands.

First Time Caravan Buyers Guide: 6 Pitfalls to Avoid

Well, you’re nearly there. For weeks or even months now you’ve been watching with envy on Friday nights as your soon to be fellow caravanners set out on yet another weekend away whilst you’re left to man the queues in Sainsbury’s!

New Year New Adventures

I want to get outdoors more this year. I want to breathe the fresh air… to visit new wetlands… to visit open prairies… to climb mountain paths… to see more of my country. I want to get fit-so, I can do all this. Sound good to you, too? Okay, we can do this.

Hieroglyphic Canyon: A Boulder Hopping, Canyoneering Adventure to the Top of the Superstitions

With many sunny, bright, crystal blue skies and warm day time temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s, winters here in the beautiful state of Arizona are absolutely gorgeous and the dream of many. Along with its near perfect weather conditions, winters in Arizona are also ideal for getting out and exploring all the beautiful and spectacular desert mountain scenery and canyons right within a stone’s throw distance from the Phoenix metropolitan area. As one of my all time favorite places to explore during the winter months, towering high above the city, out over to its eastern side, one of the largest mountain ranges, and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and gorgeous, are the Superstition Mountains, located just 50 miles from the Phoenix area.

Backpacking: Antidote For The Winter Blues!

Ever find yourself withdrawing at summer’s end with the approach of winter? I did-that is, until the magical idea of spending time immersed in winter dawned on me and I pursued the unthinkable: winter backpacking! The experience dramatically changed my perspective on this oft-dreaded season.

The Incredible Lakes of New Zealand

New Zealand is lucky enough to be filled by an abundance of crystal clear, majestic lakes spread right throughout the country. From the calm, aqua blue waters of the South Islands to the powerful lakes of the North Island, visiting each one is an experience not to be missed.

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