Campfire Chronicles Ep 29

Motorhome Travelling Offers Exciting Opportunities And Extraordinary Adventures

Have you ever considered travelling off the beaten track? What this means is taking the road less travelled and doing things differently. There are a group of people with a taste for the extraordinary and adventure, seeing places and people that you wouldn’t normally if you were taking the usual form of travel i.e. plane or train. So what are the advantages…

Fun Things to Do on a Trip to Palawan

Palawan has so many things to offer that sometimes tourists feel like a few days in the province is not enough. If you’re planning a trip to Palawan, you may be asking two of the most common questions first-time visitors ask. “Where should I go?” “What should I do?”

Types Of Whales Found In New Zealand Waters

New Zealand is located in the Southern Hemisphere and is the southern most country before you reach Antarctica. Despite it’s relatively small size, a mere 268,000 square metres, placing it 75th on the list of country by geographical size, it does in fact control of the fourth largest marine territory in the world. There are approximately 80 species of cetaceans – marine mammals that include dolphins, porpoises, and whales – in the world with almost half known to inhabit New Zealand waters, with 22 of them being whales.

Basic Guidelines for Fire Pit Use and Selection

Many of us hold fond memories in our hearts of sitting around a campfire with family and friends, enjoying one another’s company by talking, telling stories and sharing a meal together. As human beings this manner of gathering together is ingrained in our inherent nature, having been enjoyed by our ancestors for ages as a customary way of setting aside time to communicate with each other, imparting information, friendship and of course, food.

Outdoor Camping: Tips On How To Make It Worthwhile

Outdoor camping can be the ultimate getaway for family members, friends, romantic partners, and colleagues. However, it can also be potentially stressful and even risky to the campers if there is insufficient preparation. Before going on a camping trip and exploring the great outdoors, participants should carefully plan everything in advance.

Pamplona Bull Run in Spain

The San Fermin Festival takes place from the 6th to the 14th of July every year in Pamplona and is home to the famous Pamplona Bull Run (The Encierro). The festival takes place at night when fireworks kick off the festivities which go on throughout the night. The fiestas see people gathering from all over the world to honour San Fermin, the patron saint of Navarra.

Koh Chang Holiday Fishing Fun

This article zones in on one of the many activities visitors to the Koh Chang Island of Thailand can enjoy, in the form of fishing. A couple of ways through which to enjoy some Koh Chang holiday fishing fun are dissected to give prospective visitors a bit of an overview of what to expect and how to go about getting involved.

The Musee d’Orsay Museum That Starts Where The Louvre Museum Finishes

The Musee d’Orsay was only opened in 1986 on the site of an old train station, yet has become one of the main museums in Paris that people wish to visit, not forgetting that there are cafes and a lovely elegant restaurant located here. And starting where The fabulous Louvre museum finishes, the Orsay covers the period from 1848 to 1914, with a very varied selection of works of art including paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, photographs and even documentation relating to the Opera Garnier, so there will be something for everyone to enjoy while on holiday in the city of lights.

The Mid-Autumn Festival (The Children Festival) in Vietnam

Every year we young kids got so excited when the stores around the market started displaying decorations and merchandise for the Mid-autumn Festival. Which is also known as the children’s festival.

The Good-Bad-Ugly of Camping

These are the various aspects of tent camping. The summation is to get packed and enjoy your time in the outdoors.

My Snowdonia – A Day at Coed Y Brenin With My Family

The woodland at Coed y Brenin in Southern Snowdonia is a popular attraction with mountain bikers and walkers alike. Here’s my account of a day there with my family.

Family Holidays in Italy – Fun Filled Adventures!

If you and your family are getting fed up of going to the same family resort year in year out and you and want to try something different and exciting with your kids this summer then why not try an exciting family holiday in Italy? Some people are fine with going to the same place but for others they need a good change!

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