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Joe Pool Lake, Texas

Joe Pool Lake is a U.S. Corp of Engineer’s lake that is located just south of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Since it first opened in 1989, the lake has been a popular destination for anyone interested in boating, fishing, hiking, camping or wildlife watching. Here are some of the highlights of what is available for you to enjoy this great lake.

Wildlife Spots in Lucknow

Lucknow is a multicultural city located along the Awadh region. It is famous for its wildlife attractions. The nature lovers and adventurous types would love to visit Lucknow.

Shopping in Kerala is More Attractive With Kerala Handicrafts

The rich past and heritage of any region or state is reflected in its art and craft. When it comes to the traditional handicrafts and artifacts made of Ivory, Gold, Bell Metal Wood and unique indigenous products such as the popular coconut shell products, Kerala is simply unbeatable. This treasure trove of fine crafts is known for its colorful markets, which are loaded with carvings of elephants, curios, figurines, coir mats, bags, handloom products, jewelery boxes and various other items including wooden furniture.

Understanding Night Vision Generations

The key to understanding the reason why prices of night vision devices are so wide-ranging is knowing the different ‘generations’ of technoogy that are available and offered. Knowing how to discern these ‘generations’ will also make you a more educated consumer.

The BEST First Ride to Montana – Leg 3 – Missoula, MT to Coeur D’Alene, ID – 275 Miles

Ever wanted to ride to Montana? Check out Leg 3 of the ride from Missoula, MT to Coeur d’Alene, ID to Flathead Lake, Rollins, MT, Hot Springs, MT and a gorgeous ride throuh picturesque mountains and stream-lined roads. Click-in to enjoy the details, best of all, treat yourself to a great ride.

The Austin Science and Nature Center

Hidden in the midst of the hike and bike trails that lead through Zilker Park is an Austin jewel: the Austin Science and Nature Center. The nature center offers many educational and interesting features, including interactive displays, hands-on exhibits, science trails with recorded information at each stop, and a live wildlife collection.

Planning a Large Group Picnic

Being in charge of a picnic for a large group such as a company or church, family or class reunion, does not have to be a daunting experience. Learn to plan ahead and fit the event to the group.

Top Five Tips to Avoid Deer Tick Bites That Can Cause Lyme Disease

Deer ticks, the common carrier of borrelia bacteria which causes Lyme disease, abound in May and June and now is the most common time for bites from infected nymph stage ticks because of their small size. Tick bite prevention is the best method. Here are my top five tips to prevent deer tick bites, based on what has worked for this New York natural health and outdoors advocate.

Sunshine Coast Accommodation Promises A1 Safe Beaches

Beach safety has always been a consideration for those visitors booking Sunshine Coast accommodation. On the Sunshine Coast, safety is taken very seriously to maintain the reputation of family friendly beaches.

June is Great Outdoors Month – Get Out and Enjoy the Beautiful Wilderness

June is Great Outdoors Month and this is a great time to get to know the parks and nature reserves in America. With many people feeling the economic pinch, taking the family out camping is the best way to cut costs. Take the time out to take your family fishing. Children love this activity.

Using the Right Picnic Equipment

When it comes to planning an activity, picnics are no different than other activities such as golf, fishing or baseball. You want to have the right supplies and best equipment possible to better enjoy the outing.

How to Repel Chiggers Today

The first best rule of repelling chiggers is to avoid them. Now, avoiding does not necessarily mix with repelling, but truth be told, wouldn’t you much rather avoid than to repel?

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