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Travel Tips For the Family Wanting to Visit the Great Outdoors This Summer

Summer has arrived and many families are hitting the road to go on their summer vacations. This article will detail some good ideas for a family to do if they are lovers of the great outdoors and want to be a part of nature on their vacation. It will explore trips to three states: Colorado, Alaska & Wyoming.

Glacier National Park – The Ideal Vacation Place

Wild and majestic, the Glacier National Park is a vast preserve that overwhelms visitors and beckons them with its stunning mountain peaks – many of which are covered with glaciers for the whole year round. The Glacier National Park is considered by many to be a wild gem in the Rocky Mountains in Montana by the Canadian border. The glacier park is renowned for its abundant wildlife and fabulous scenery. The verdant glacier trails attract hikers from all around the world and the sheer diversity of its animal and plant life is truly a walk in paradise.

Gourmet Picnics

A gourmet picnic is simply a feast for all senses. Fine dining on beautiful outdoors as you may call it. Envision your gourmet picnic where you get together while indulging yourself with good food on a fine day. And the view is simply superb – simple, peaceful, and bliss. They’re perfect for family gatherings and romantic dates. A gourmet picnic is indeed a great picnic and dining experience for everybody. So how do you whip up a gourmet picnic?

If You Go Down to the Woods Today, Picnic Ideas For Keeping Green

Yippee, summer is here and it’s time to take full advantage of that precious sunshine and what better way than a picnic, but eating in the open air does come with responsible and there is no reason why you can’t stay green with some eco-friendly ideas and enjoy the fresh air. The days are getting longer and the weekends are not as dreary and wet.

Wildlife in Panna National Park

If you are one of those who have deep passion towards wildlife adventure and loves nature then Panna National Park is the best option to explore. Panna National Park is an astonishing park in Madhya Pradesh, India. Situated around 57 km from Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh.

Forest Holidays, Amazon Rainforest Adventures and the Cloud Forests of Ecuador

Jungle or forest holidays take you into the richest habitat on earth. This is an environment where man is tolerated rather than accepted, an eco-system that supports the animal and plant kingdoms in a fragile interdependency.

6 Things a Day Hiker Should Never Leave Home Without

Are you a hiker new to the trails? Do you find yourself wondering what to bring along with you on your day hikes? Deciding on your hiking gear is a very personal thing. What ever you decide to bring should depend on the situation and your experience. As a starting point, here are a few items that a hiker shouldn’t leave home without.

Outdoor Living As a Way to Connect With Nature

Outdoor living can be a great way for you and your family to go on a vacation. Some ways to get away from your daily stress and connect with nature.

Lensatic Compass & Components

Learning the Lensatic Compass & Components will help you understand advanced navigation on any outdoor activity. This Article will cover: Lensatic Compass Basic Components, What his compass is used for.

Yellowstone Vacations – Do Bears Eat in the Woods?

Seeing a bear is a thrilling experience many people taking Yellowstone vacations never forget. Both grizzly bears and black bears live in Yellowstone National Park. If you aren’t familiar with the different species of bears, a field guide or one of the excellent park publications can be very helpful.

Why Hammocks Are So Popular

Hammocks are very much “in” these days, especially as the summer approaches. First used by natives in equatorial climates, hammocks have become a way of life for under-developed countries while being viewed as a luxury in more well off areas. Hammocks allow for more room when not much room is to be had and they keep people from sleeping on the hard ground.

Discovering the Wonders of the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes of North America consists of connecting freshwater lakes bordering Canada and the United States. It was formed by several lakes including Ontario, Superior, Huron, Michigan and Erie Lake. The combined area of the lakes sets its record as the world’s largest freshwater lake. Aside from these lakes, smaller lakes and rivers contribute to its large area. It also includes other bodies of water like the Georgian Bay, Welland Canal, Straights of Mackinac, Niagara River and the Lake of Saint Clair.

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