Effortless Camping in Alaska’s Bush with Pro Dog Musher and My Sons


Camping in Alaska

Environmentally Friendly Travel Tips

When you travel, or love being outdoors like camping in Alaska, do you want to care for the environment? These ten travel tips will help you become an environmentally friendly traveler. By doing so, you will protect the long term sustainability of our environment.

Dog Sledding Adventures in North America

When people think of dog sledding the images of the snowy countryside, winter and enthusiastic dogs come to mind. Dog sledding can be found almost everywhere where there is snow in the winter months, British Columbia in Canada and Alaska in the United States of America offer some of the best dog sledding adventures in North America due to their stunning locales and many visitors come to these regions specifically to test out this amazing sport which was originally a means to travel through arctic environments.

Binoculars Lens Coatings

Binocular anti-reflective lens coatings are often the least understood, yet are one of the most important features relative to the quality of the binoculars. These coatings determine how well you are going to see your image, the clarity of the color, the resolution, and the contrast presented.

Mobile Toilets Complete the Tool Kit on Your Campaign Outside

It is no wonder that there would not be single person who does not love to enjoy an outside campaign but there are certain factors do hinder them from enjoying the campaign to the fullest. Some factors such as bad climatic conditions and falling sick of course are out of our control but taking due care of certain factors like maintaining better hygienic conditions can always be under our control to enjoy the complete essence of education.

Attraction Sites That Mark Kenya

Kenya is a country rich in many natural attractions that make people live their home countries to see the beauty of the land. This is what is known as tourism. One of the greatest achievements that this activity has brought is that, it has earned great revenue for it.

Pack Smart For a Family Camping Excursion

Different families have different ways of bonding during those wonderful two months in the summer. For some, they prefer to go to a different country – enjoying the sights, culture, and experience.

Battersea – Home to One of London’s Top Parks

One thing that surprises many visitors to London is the abundance of open, green spaces. Whether it’s the sights afforded by climbing Primrose Hill or just taking a gentle stroll through Regent’s Park, London’s greenspace is second to none. Perhaps the most popular natural area in London is the Battersea Park.

Walking Burleigh Head National Park – Danger in the Park

Burleigh Headland National Park is a unique location that offers locals and visitors the opportunity to escape into another world, a world where you can watch board riders under the shelter of Pandanus trees and take incredible photos of their arterial acrobats. Or perhaps sit quietly and listen to the birds, or maybe gaze out to sea. So come with me on a walk around Burleigh Headland National Park.

Tallebudgera Creek Foreshore Walk

When the morning air is cool and the water turns a deep sea green and tourists and locals are still wiping the sleep from their eyes the true beauty of this setting is apparent. This is the best time to enjoy Tallebudgera Creek with the backdrop of Burleigh Headland National Park; you could almost believe you are alone in this paradise. The surf is pumping and the waves pounding at the mouth of the creek it is a sight to see.

Pack Smart When Heading For the Mountains

Everyone has their own different way of enjoying themselves during the summer. For some, this means heading to a beautiful beach, while for others, it means heading to the mountains and the great outdoors.

What to Take to the Beach

Yes, summer is on its way, and if you are going to the beach you will need to take a number of important items. The following is a list of all the critical things you need to have at the ready to make the most of your day on the coast.

What to Take When You Go Camping

Many family groups will spend some time over the summer getting to know each other better. Some may even go overseas to explore the world together.

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