How To Easily and Safely Do Camping on the Side of the Highway!


Camping on the Side of the Highway

How to Stop a Bear Attack in Its Tracks

Bear attacks are rare, but they can and do happen and they can happen just about anywhere. Be prepared by carrying the most powerful and effective bear repellent spray. Enjoy and respect nature, but be smart and safe.

Packing For That Wonderful Beach Trip

You booked a one week beach vacation, and you couldn’t be happier to get out of town. You’re excited to have the time off work and enjoy the freedom, but you’ve run into a slight problem. You want to stay fashionable and bring your entire wardrobe with you.

Getting Ready For a Summer Holiday by the Sea

You’re off to the beach for an amazing summer holiday. You are probably going to want to take every piece of clothing you own just so you can look cool no matter what the situation.

Where Can You Pick Fruit For an Event Or For Personal Use?

Some people want to find fresh fruit to pick in their local area. At times this can be difficult especially if in a larger city. Learn a few techniques to finding places to pick fruit.

Three Activities I Am Looking Forward to This Summer in Colorado

With summer being the most glorious time in Colorado, I am already planning my weekends to make sure to fit in all that I want to do. I am just going to say this has not been easy. So I am going to share with you my top three in hopes of inspiring your summer trip to Colorado.

Planning a Trip to the Beach

Any trip to the ocean will be enjoyable, that’s for sure. However, it’s also one you need to think about, particularly if you are taking your children. You need to be totally organized when you go to the beach and write down a list of all the vital things you need.

Beach Tourism – Excellent Place to Spend Your Vacation

According to one survey report, beach tourism has reported enormous growth rate from the past decades. However, with the sluggish economy, most of the people are changing their vacation places.

What Jacket to Wear? – A Guide to Outdoor Jackets

When doing outdoor activities like trekking, camping, cycling or skiing for example it is important to have the right clothing. Each activity demands another set of equipment, depending on the temperature and the terrain. When trekking you need the right surefooted boots, a good backpack and maybe telescopic sticks. For camping you need additional equipment like tents, sleeping bags, a stove and maybe a folding chair and portable forks, knifes and spoons. And for skiing its important to have quality gloves, caps and a snow suit to keep you warm and dry.

Keeping Dry on the North Coast Trail

Coastal hikes are spectacular. The weather, terrain, and wildlife give an infinite sense of pleasure and satisfaction when placed right in the middle of it all. How do you go to these places and enjoy them if you are wet and cold? The weather in the Pacific Northwest is often wet and cold.

Colorful Beach Tents – Available in Variety of Styles

Beach tents are available in a variety of colors. Though these tents can be hired on location, many people prefer to have their own beach tents so that they may be able to go camping on any beach whenever they want.

Mosquitoes and Rashes and Ticks – Oh My!

Nature poet Gary Snyder said, “Nature isn’t a place we visit. It’s home.” The peacefulness of natural settings appeals to many of us–a wholesome therapy for the typically hectic lives we lead. But beware! Even Nature’s tranquility has hidden dangers.

Your Beach Day Made Safe and Enjoyable

An excursion to the beach should be a pleasurable experience, from planning the day’s activities to basking in the serenity of a well-prepared afternoon. However, a safe fun day at the beach does require some preparation, especially if your kids are joining you. A little forethought and a short to-do list, starting with a few basic essentials, is a great way to start.

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