Camping out Overnight with my Dog – Trippers First Backbacking Trip part 2-DOG STEAK-DUTCH SHEPHERD

Choosing the Appropriate Outdoor Bag for Your Corporate Getaway

This is a great opportunity for every company to promote their corporate image. It is imperative for campers and hikers alike to be able to select the items they will need to take with them when on an outdoor trip and the BackPack they choose for their gear is the first and last thing they will be handling on this adventure. It is important that they have the most utilitarian case to pack their stuff in.

Top Places to Visit in Ukraine

Crimea is well-known over the world; it is a widely popular tourist destination. When it comes to Crimes, sunny beaches, and gorgeous landscapes of mountains, beautiful castles, pure nature, and bustling nightlife comes to our mind. While you are in Crimea Yalta, Simferopol, Sevastopol should not be missed.

Cycling Croatia: Biking From Island to Island

Cycling through Croatia’s beautiful, untouched countryside and its majestic national parks offers up some amazing views and experiences. However, to do so you need to have nerves of steel.

A Family Cycling Adventure in Sicily

Cycling is an Italian pastime and in Sicily, you and your family can experience some thrilling biking challenges and take in some picturesque views of the country. The terrain, weather and welcoming cities and villages spread out across Italy offer cyclists of almost every skill level a diverse and satisfying array of challenges as well as memorable opportunities for relaxing and experiencing the Italian people and their culture. The views of Italy: your cycling adventure in Sicily Italy is famous for its cross-country cycling opportunities and thanks…

Your Trusty Guide to Surviving Festival Season

Festival season is almost upon us! It’s high time to start planning what you need to buy to see you through what are bound to be a fun-filled few days in the outdoors. Check this essentials list to make sure you’re ready for a festival adventure.

Experience Minnesota Winter by Ski and Snowshoe

Minnesota winters are filled with activities and festivals celebrating the season! There are so many reasons to plan a Minnesota winter vacation that the only difficulty is deciding what to do first. From ice fishing to snowmobiling and a dozen other activities, the entire family will enjoy the experience. While some folks prefer the rush of the wind on their faces as they race along the 1200 miles of snowmobile trails which interconnect rural communities in the Breezy Point area, others prefer to experience the quiet natural setting at a more sedate pace by gliding along beautifully groomed ski trails or striking out into the pristine forests with a set of snowshoes strapped to their feet.

Chimney Rock State Park Completes Renovation on Stairway to the Chimney

Chimney Rock State Park is near Lake Lure, N.C. and is a favorite place for tourists and locals to visit. The State of N.C. bought the park in 2007 and has just completed renovations.

How to Survive in the Wild

The growing popularity of outdoor adventure activities has seen a vast increase in the number of accidents in wilderness areas. Many of these accidents occur far from civilisation and can result in a survival situation. I f you were to find yourself in such a situation, how could you survive?

Kerala – A Tourist’s Paradise

Kerala, a tiny little state in India, is listed as one of the top ten paradises of the world. The tourism tagline of the state is ‘God’s own country.’ As it proclaims, this is a land which you will feel and enjoy all the beauty of nature.

Doing A Grand Canyon 1-Day Smooth-Water Float Trip

Not interested in whitewater rafting the Grand Canyon? You aren’t the only one. That’s why smooth-water float tours are so popular. These one-day adventures travel the calm part of the Colorado River, making them the perfect group or family outing.

Mission Beach San Diego Is One of the Most Unique Places in California

San Diego is one of the most beautiful modern cities in the world. The city is a popular vacation destination for travelers around the world.

The Versatility of Backpacks

It is not surprising that the popularity of backpacks has continually grown through out the years. What once was only used by military personnel or hikers, backpacks have become popular for many different uses. If you need to carry more than your pockets will hold, and you want your hands free, you need a backpack. The first backpacks were made of animal skin and used by hunters to carry equipment and prey. The term “backpack” was coined in the United States in the early 1900’s.

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