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Great Surfing and More in Jaco Costa Rica

If you are thinking of surfing while in the lush country of Costa Rica, then the beach town of Jaco should definitely be one of the top places to consider. Aside from Jaco’s sandy shore, what makes this town really attractive to tourists is its ideal weather, vibrant atmosphere and accessibility.

Best Survival Knives Available

Survival knives are one of the most essential survival tools you should have for outdoor activities. Be sure to pick the best knife to help you survive the wild.

Montego Bay Jamaica – Caribbean

Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica, and is the capital of St. James Parish.

The Guide to Getting Anyone to Love the Outdoors!

I believe every person has that primeval wild side inside them, it just needs to be drawn out slowly. So from my experience, turning many city dwelling individuals into wanting to be the next Bear Grylls, I’ve put together a simple guide to help get your friends or significant other to take a walk on the wild side with you.

Darcy’s Kenyan Safari

For the summer of 2015, Darcy and her children decided to visit a friend who was on assignment in Kenya. They decided on a camping trip to keep the price down visiting Amboseli National Park, Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Naivasha and finished with white-water rafting on the Tana River.

Fall in the Deep South: A Tradition As Old As Church on Sunday

A look into a southern tradition that is rooted in rich family values and ideals. Taking a new look at the age old tradition of hunting and its ties to bringing families and friends closer together.

Trekking the Choquequirao Ruins of Peru

A number of adventurous travelers may seek out the world-renowned Manchu Picchu, but it is definitely not the only fascinating Inca ruins worth visiting in Peru. Just about 44 kilometers from the nation’s top tourist site, lies Choquequirao, which is means ‘cradle of gold’ in Quechua.

The Bustling and Historical Bridgetown Barbados – Caribbean

Barbados may be known for its gorgeous beaches, but before you head out to these sandy patches of paradise, take the time to explore the island nation’s only true city -Bridgetown. This Caribbean city and holds the biggest population in the country, and offers curious visitors a look at Barbados’ rich culture and history.

Discovering the Lofoten Islands of Norway

Lofoten Islands may be one of the most remote places in Norway, but there is no denying its sheer beauty and magnificence. Situated in the Arctic Circle, this enigmatic archipelago boasts jagged peaks rising from the cold water, bird colonies, rugged coast, traditional fishing villages and artists galleries.

A Holiday to Remember on Hamilton Island, Australia

Hamilton Island is one of the most sought after destinations in Australia’s Queensland region. Conveniently situated in the Whitsunday group of islands, Hamilton is also one of the main gateways to the Great Barrier Reef.

Enjoying the Outdoors at Mont Royal Park Montreal

Mont Royal is undoubtedly the crowning glory of the city of Montreal. If you have never been to this particular Canadian city, the mountain is ‘the’ landmark to look for when you arrive in the city.

The Bear Is Right There!

The state of Wyoming must be seen in order to understand and appreciate wild America. The Grand Teton National Park’s Jackson Lake Lodge is a splendid place to begin a storied vacation that will fill your senses and shape your memories of America the beautiful!

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