DAD LEVEL 1000 – Electric Fishing Reel Rope Tow (Deep Sea Sledding LOL)

Mystic Hill and Natural Medicinal Plants – Agastyar Koodam

Agastyarkoodam (agastyar kudam or agastya malai) is a 1,868 metres (6,129 ft) peak in the Western Ghats of South India. The mountain lies on the border between the Indian states of Kerala (in Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram District) and Tamil Nadu (in Tirunelveli). The perennial river Thamiarabarni originates from this hill and flows in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu.

Forest Expedition In Kerala

The forest expedition is arranged for the travellers to thoroughly experience the hidden natural wonders of what you can discover in the wildness. The quiet streams and picture skew lakes will be mind blowing. All the forest is bursting with biology. A forest is a thriving planet of dense greens and a home to hundreds of species of birds and animals.

Pemberton, British Columbia – Whistler Without Steroids

Pemberton, British Columbia lies a short 25 minute drive north of Whistler. The perfect place to be if you want to visit the great outdoors, quietly.

Recreational Guide – The Salt River

Like all rivers across the US, the Salt River is unique. It’s beauty and grandeur are partly a result of it’s location on the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau in Arizona. The Salt River is home to a large number of plants, animals and bird life. It offers an outstanding adventure opportunity with world class rapids and stunning scenery. The Salt River Canyon is truly one of the southwest’s hidden treasures.

Stawamus Chief – One Of The World’s Largest Monoliths

Stawamus Chief Mountain is the first feature you see (you can hardly not notice it) when you arrive at Squamish. 2,000 feet straight up. It’s one gigantic rock. In fact it covers approximately 3 square kilometers. It was formed by molten magma solidifying approximately 100 million years ago.

St Andrews Vacations – Playing Golf At St Andrews

St Andrews is probably the home of golf in Scotland. Use these tips to make the best of your stay in St Andrews.

The First Ten of South Australia’s Top 21 Hotspots

South Australia has so much to offer, here are just a few of the highlights. The capital Adelaide, the world Famous Barossa Valley, the unique town of Coober Pedy and Kangaroo Island, plus much more…

Glider Soaring Over The Pemberton, British Columbia Valley – A Spectacular Experience

Glider soaring tours from Pemberton. Do you want the thrill of gliding over the mountains and seeing the valley as the eagles do?

New Zealand Crossbow Hunting Attractions

What is the usual construction of crossbows for hunting? Who becomes a real shooting lover? Where shall he practice for trophy and fun? Why New Zealand is the best place for them? Just read and make a decision.

The Next Eleven of South Australia’s Top 21 Hotspots

The second instalment in the Top 21 places to visit in South Australia. Here you can read about, Mount Gambier, the infamous Birdsville Track in the outback down to the Murray River and McLaren Vale, such a wide variety of landscapes you won’t know where to visit first.

Fishing Eagles

Last winter after several years planning we took a trip to Peru. Whilst there we went up into the Andes and, after a decent walk, found ourselves way off the beaten track in the tiny valley of the Rio Rimac, high up in the mountains. It was there that we heard this amazing story.

Gorilla Tracking – A Chance Of A Lifetime

Heavily built, with biceps that rival those of world body building champions, a fully grown mountain gorilla has no natural enemy, except man. He does not fear anything, does not tolerate intrusion, and he is firmly in charge of the family unit. Gorillas live in closely knit family units led by one dominant male. He earns his place by dethroning the in charge in vicious territorial fights that can lead to death of either animal.

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