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5 Fun Things to Do in Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu City is the ideal destination to have fun with family members or friends. Depending on your personal choice and preference, you can choose among the many options available here to make the most of your sojourn here. Read about the top five fun activities to indulge in Lake Havasu City.

Loving the Wildlife at Corbett

Many people love the wildlife. Experiencing the wildlife gives us the opportunity to be one with nature. This the perfect place to share with the whole family and make it a one of a kind vacation that can never be forgotten.

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

An introduction to the strange landscape of the Badlands National Park. This area in South Dakota has an interesting history and is the perfect place for outdoors exploration.

5 Reasons to Visit Switzerland

At a leisurely lunch in Zermatt, Switzerland, on my last day of vacation, I have had time to review my two week adventure. I’d stepped out of my comfort zone and gone to a place where multiple languages are spoken, food choices are unique, train schedules have to be figured out and each day is planned around snow conditions and not a day planner. My 5 favorite reasons for visiting Switzerland; food, activities, chocolate, the mountains and the train system.

How to Go Down Mountains Safely

I wanted to say something that is going to be on everyone’s mind when they are driving in some parts of the USA and that is going down hills or mountains. How to best do it can be learned with a little bit of practice and some common sense.

Electric Bike Fun

Retired and need exercise? Like the outdoors? Here’s a solution that is cheaper than golf, less strenuous than mountain climbing and is a boon to your photography hobby.

Life Is A Picnic

Picnics are simple yet fun. Children can run around all afternoon while adult family members can chat and catch up with each other’ s stories and achievements. It is a perfect time to spend an afternoon just sitting back and relaxing under the warmth of the sun with the special people in your life. Many families forget how simple things like these can keep the bond of the family together and the affection it could send to everyone.

Enjoy Outdoor Recreational Activities at Ukiah

Having some fun time together with your friends and family, with a number of options for thrilling outdoor recreational activities like hiking, mountain biking, boating, river rafting, golf, and exploration, your vacation will never have a dull moment. There are plenty of things to do in Ukiah, California, and you sure don’t want to miss this place.

Asian Heritage

Heritage sites are not only the embodiment of scenic beauty, but also the living caskets of the historical and cultural traits of the past. Every heritage site has a history and cultural background and without knowing these, the tour of a tourist is incomplete. Asia is a vast continent where the tourists can select their tourist zone and plan according to the demarcation given in the article. The historical and cultural background discussed here will help them understand the academic and aesthetic aspects of the sites.

Stunning Birding in Baringo

Lake Baringo is home to 450 species of birds and thus a paradise for bird-watchers. There are two activities that provide excellent birding opportunities: a walk up to the escarpment overlooking the lake or a boat ride on the lake. Eurasian Swallows, Fish Eagles swooping in for their catch and various Kingfishers were some of the highlights when I visited Baringo. It was spectacular!

Destinations Beyond India – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka proves to be an assortment where every elegant facet can be experienced. The best of Sri Lanka’s attractions are mentioned in this article to give the reader an insight of its natural wealth.

Four Tips For Creating a Comfortable Lunchroom in Your Heavy Duty Tent

A heavy duty tent can make an effective temporary lunchroom when your site is under construction. But to make the space as comfortable as it is functional, a few key decorating and layout tips can make all the difference.

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