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Canada’s Hot Spot for Whitewater Rafting the Thompson River – Lytton BC, Canada

Hot weather, big water, memorable rapids, two of Canada’s mightiest rivers – is there more? In the summer Lytton’s scorching summer temperatures can reach 100 F. making it one of the hottest spots in Canada. However, what makes this place a really hot place to visit are the two massive rivers that collide here – the Thompson River and Fraser River.

Scuba Diving South Lombok

Hi all, as I’ve been living and diving in South Lombok for 7 years now, I’ve read numerous articles, blogs, and forum posts about our region and many people think South Lombok is only for the “rough and ready” adventure diver, so I feel the need to clear up a few misconceptions about the south coast of Lombok. South Lombok, in general, presents itself as a relaxed place (some people compare it to Bali 20 years ago), and travelers of all interests (not only divers) can find a very tropical and enjoyable region to visit. One will find…

BC’s Legendary Thompson River Is One of the Most Popular Whitewater Rafting Rivers in BC

The Thompson River is the largest tributary of the mighty Fraser River (British Columbia’s longest river) draining an area of 21,600 square miles. In the spring, it gathers the melting snow from this vast area and fills its banks with a huge volume of water. Its peak flow during spring runoff is more than 100,000 cfs (cubic feet per second) on average.

Australia Travel Destinations: Adventure Outdoors on the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road, Australia’s beautiful scenic drive comparable to California’s coastal Hwy 1, follows the striking Victoria coastline southwest of Melbourne. Starting at Torquay, the 243 km. drive winds through cliff tops to breathtaking headlands, crossing rivers and rainforests and meandering down onto coastal beaches to open to stunning panoramic views before ending just east of Warrnambool.

The Unique Benefits Of Most Low Heel Shoes

Athletic shoes are also called trainers. They have a variety of features that athletes feel are important. The latest trainers come in many styles and with many function options.

Selecting a Sleeping Bag Shape – Camping Bag or Mummy Bag

So you’ve finally decided it is time to replace that old sleeping bag that you’ve had since your were a teenager, a Boy Scout, or perhaps you have one of those sleeping bags made by the big box manufacturer that made your tent, your portable stove, your lantern and your cooler. At first, the number of variables to consider: temperature rating, shape, type of filler material, and finally weight, appear to make the job of selecting the right sleeping bag appear complicated. In this article I will describe some of the important features to consider when deciding whether a Camping Bag or a Mummy Bag is the right shape for your personal camping situation.

Taking a Van Camping Vacation

Taking a van camping vacation has some great advantages over motor homes and just plain hotel stays. If the van is equipped with a bed, small stove and a fridge you can get by at just about any campground or camping area. An internal toilet facility is nice but we covered a great many miles on vacations and found there were more than enough places with facilities. If we occasionally camped in an non-formal setting, roughing it is part of camping. Just make sure you always have plenty of rolls of toilet paper on board. We decided one year to take a mid-August trip with our two small children aged 8 and 4 to upstate New York to sight see. With the van fully loaded with food and suitcases, fishing poles and bait, off we went. Since this was before GPS’s and the MapQuest, we actually had to use a real paper map to find our way. Every time we stopped somewhere we gathered all the tourist brochures for places to visit. While riding, the wife and kids would go through them all to see what we were close to and what they wanted to see. Each night we all…

Folding Canopies – The Perfect Holiday Tag Along

A holiday is an age old method to take a break from your day to day routines and get away from work for a while. It can be a great way to catch up with family and friends and get some quality time in with your personal relationships. A lot of the time a holiday can consist of a lot of outdoor activities such as days spent at the beach getting a tan, camping, lake side relaxation or outdoor picnics. Folding canopies can be great addition to your holiday hardware as they are ideal for these situations. Much of the time in these outdoor situations shelter from various elements and inconveniences is needed. The hot sun can do some mischievous damage, while the rain can interrupt a day outdoors by soaking everything. There is also factors such as shelter from breeze, falling debris like leaves and insects and generally having shelter to set up for a day outdoors. Folding canopies are designed for these occasions and can be a great asset for a number of reasons.

Camping Stoves Have Multiple Uses

When you hear or talk about camping stoves, you probably think it’s just used for camping. Well I beg to differ on that issue. There are a wide array of uses for a portable stove that are easily adaptable for picnics, sports venues, graduation parties, backyards, emergency use, or family gatherings to name a few.

Considerations To Make When Using A Popup Gazebo!

A popup gazebo can be used in a wide range of outdoor settings including business, domestic and recreational occasions. The fact that there is also an abundance of variety in these products means that they can be highly adaptable to the situation and surroundings of the particular event or occasion. When choosing the right one for your requirements it is good to consider a few simple suggestions to help make a decision.

Winery Tours – Be a Wine Connoisseur Today

If you have always been interested in the sparkling reds and whites, then the winery tours are an absolute must to help you discover and explore all aspects of winemaking. The Yarra valley, situated about two hours from Melbourne, is a world famous destination for wines of all kinds. The valley also offers panoramic and breathtaking scenery and views of the countryside which can make this tour a highly cherished one.

Interesting Things to Do During Your Isle of Wight Holidays

The IOW is an Island paradise that you can visit during weekends or during your holiday vacations. Isle of Wight holidays are excellent days to spend with your loved ones.

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