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Dates Not To Be Missed in Cyprus During 2013

The island of Cyprus is visited by nearly a million British visitors every year. Amazing scenery, delicious cuisine, 326 days of sunshine a year and just a four hour flight from the UK are just a few of the things that attract British holidaymakers on their package holidays to visit Cyprus.

Barbados: Seven Wow! Panoramic Views

Barbados is more than its sugar-white beaches and aqua Caribbean Sea (although those are special indeed). Get in your car or take a bike ride to some of the most beautiful panoramic vistas you’ve ever beheld. Here are seven of my favorite “wow” vantage points on beautiful Barbados.

Sachuest Point, Rhode Island – Pretty Little Place at “Lands End”

Near the southernmost tip of the State of Rhode Island, there is a beautiful nature preserve at Sachuest Point. There is a good network of trails here where you can get up close and personal with the Atlantic Ocean.

A Night Out in the Wilderness – Capitan Mountain, New Mexico

Ran away from Fort Bliss and El Paso one evening and ended up on top of Capitian Mountain in New Mexico. This is a wonderful wilderness and if you go there, you will likely be the only one traveling the rough roads on any given day. Solitude and silence are what you will find as well as a bunch of stunning views.

The Wreck of the Peter Iredale – Clatsop Spit, Oregon

Stuck in the sand on the Clatsop Spit is the wreck of the Peter Iredale. The skeleton of this great ship with the dunes of the beach and the Pacific Ocean behind it is an incredible scene. If you ever visit Astoria, Oregon make sure that you check it out!

Most Enchanting Beaches in Goa

Goa is a beautiful state in India and it is adorned with vast sandy beaches. The beaches in North Goa are lively and bustle with activity while those in South Goa and more peaceful. Tourists have a whole lot of choice when it comes to deciding which beach they want to visit.

Snowbird Tram – Ticket To Summertime Adventure In The Wasatch Mountains Of Utah

Snowbird Ski resort has a lot to offer the outdoor enthusiast during the summer months too. In particular, the world class Snowbird Tram is described. If you are in Salt Lake City, Utah, the view surrounded by snow clad peaks at 11,000 feet from the top of the Tram should not be missed.

Fort Donelson – Tennessee

On this sleepy bend of the old Cumberland River over 150 years ago, there appeared a fleet of Ironclad boats of the Union squadron. The Confederate batteries that now lay silent in the sun, pounded the ironclads relentlessly in the Battle of Fort Donelson.

7 Don’t-Miss Outdoor Activities in Barbados

Barbados outdoors activities are plentiful but you might not consider these, which are just a bit off the well-beaten path. There’s something here for everyone, from cruising on a sunset champagne-and-sushi catamaran ride to visiting a working windmill to jeeping off road. Enjoy the sun and fun in Barbados!

City of Rocks – An Eerie and Thought Provoking Place – Middle of Nowhere, New Mexico

In between Silver City and Las Cruces via the backroads is a very interesting place where the rocks stand up and there is an ancient relict forest on an otherwise barren plane. This place of wonder is called City of Rocks.

Cape Disappointment – Washington

Perched atop 200 foot cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean is an incredibly beautiful place called Cape Disappointment. This is an excellent starting point for anyone contemplating a trip down the Oregon Coast. There is much beauty and history here.

Brighton – Big Cottonwood Canyon – Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Brighton is a tiny town and Ski area located in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. There are many trails here that offer splendid hiking in the summertime and there is world class skiing here in the winter. This article talks about the interesting history of the place.

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