FISH Tried to MURDER ME! Spear Fishing Gone Wrong – Cobia, Amber Jack, Spade Fish Catch & Cook

Guide to Preventing Malaria

With blood thirsty mosquitoes swarming the hot tropics, backpackers to malaria endemic areas would naturally be sprayed head-to-toe with mosquito repellent and armed with anti-malaria pills, right? Alas, this is not the case. Most of the 1,298…

The Algarve – With So Many Beautiful Beaches You Can Find

The Algarve is a province located in the south of Portugal. Having the European picture in mind, it´s located in the south-westernmost tip of Europe. The Algarve’s main economy is tourism, but there’s also an old and traditional agriculture side to it because of its unique and gifted micro climate. With over 300 days of sunshine a year no wonder many flower, plant and tree nurseries are located here exporting their goods worldwide.

Custer SD – Gateway to Outdoor Exploration

Are you yearning to hike trails through country unchanged by development? The extensive State parkland near Custer South Dakota allows a rare glimpse of pristine nature. The Black Hills are an out-of-doors wonderland, as millions of adventurers have discovered, and here are just a a small number of of the ways they’ve learned to love the area.

Puerto Vallarta – Where You’ll Find the Best Beaches in Mexico

The Beaches in the Puerto Vallarta area are some of Mexico’s best. The filming of “Night of the Iguana” and the first “Predator” were shot along these beaches. From scuba diving to whale watching there is something for everyone on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

Outdoor Activities for Those Who Can’t Stay at Home

If you are a homebody, the things you love to do may include reading classics or romance novels, watch television, baking in the kitchen with your mother, watering your backyard plants, taking your dog for a walk, and sleeping. However, activities are far from these when you are an outdoor kid.

Taking the Kitchen Outdoors

When spring comes, the sun is just so generous to the outdoors. Flowers bloom, insects get busy, colors explode, and everything in the sight is promising. For people living in the suburban areas, they know what the season could bring. A fun out in the sun with all sorts of activities drawing people into communal activities like family day barbecues.

Tips for Off-Road Driving

Australia is the perfect varied location for a 4-wheel drive adventure, enabling the off-roader to get the maximum enjoyment out of having a 4×4 vehicle. This brief guide is designed to help you extract the maximum from your off-road adventure.

Top 10 Canyons in Southern Utah to Visit

1. Bryce Canyon – Bryce Canyon National Park offers many fantastic places to explore, including the most well-known which is Bryce Amphitheater. Whether you only have a few hours or plan on spending a few days there is plenty for you to see and do in this area.

Choosing a Campground

While traveling, camping can be a fun and cost efficient alternative to hotels and motels. Before embarking on your journey, there are several factors to consider when deciding to camp. By considering these factors, you can enhance your camping experience as well as your overall travel experience.

The Gulf Fishing Experience

Visitors to the Alabama Gulf Coast who enjoy fishing will find plenty to keep them happy. Not only is the fishing abundant, but the atmosphere of the area is unbeatable: white-sand beaches, friendly southern charm, and an array of condominiums and beach houses. Not to mention the area attractions-between the area’s rich history, diverse nature, and active night life, there is much to see and do.

Fishing at Lake Guntersville, Alabama

A Scottsboro, Alabama hotel profiles fishing in Lake Guntersville. Alabama’s largest lake has some of the best fishing in the region.

Top 10 Alaska National Parks

1. Gates of Arctic – Gates of Arctic National Park is one of the Alaska national parks that is remote and extremely wild. More than seven million acres of wilderness make this park the third largest wilderness preserve in the USA. This park is located above the Arctic Circle, hence the name.

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