Full Blown Thunderstorm Camping in a Hammock for 3 Nights.

Why Your Help is Needed in Africa!

Have you ever thought of volunteering in Nairobi or maybe volunteering in Zanzibar or how about volunteering in Malawi? If you haven’t then maybe you should. There are so many unique opportunities out there for everyone, why don’t you find out more and offer your services today. This is an opportunity not to be missed, a once in a lifetime if you like.

Do You Think You Can Make a Difference?

Did you know people from all over the world volunteer in Kenya every year? Volunteering in Africa has become very popular over the past 20 years. Volunteering in Arusha is a particular current favourite amongst volunteers. The main reasons destinations such as these have prospered is due to there location and the number of attractions they have in the nearby area.

Costa Rica Activities – Canopy Tours

When you travel to Central America, probably one of the best green travel destinations to spend a fantastic vacation is in Costa Rica. Also known as “Rich Coast” this tiny country bordered by Nicaragua and Panama offers endless sports activities including water and outdoor adventures to avid travelers. Some of these activities are pretty unique such as canopy tours which are becoming very popular in the world.

The Five Mistakes Commonly Made Calling at Night

I have had the opportunity to observe all of this first hand through 3rd Generation Night Vision. In the last ten years I have called in at least 750 to 1000 predators each winter and watched the whole animal not just the eyes and the body language on every set.

Essential Caravan Accessories For the Home, Party Or Weekend Living

There are many caravan accessories that can be used around the home or for that party on the weekend. These include: annexe matting, food storage covers, telescopic broom and dustpan, beverage buddy, caravan fridge, breezaway room and the annexe. A lot of these accessories will save you time, money and space.

Monteverde And Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserves in Costa Rica

One of the best things in Costa Rica is to go on one of its rain forest and wildlife vacations. Despite the country’s small size, Costa Rica’s area encompasses highly reputable biological reserves, refuges and national parks. Its rainforests consists of hundreds of various species known to man.

Gift Picnic Baskets – The Perfect Gifts For Families

Picnic gift baskets come in two kinds. Both are fun and practical to use and they can be used for any purpose that you want.

Getting the Most From the Great Outdoors With a Fire Pit

Now that summer is on its way, you’re probably thinking about spending a lot more time outdoors. Whether you want to indulge in your favorite outdoor activities like hiking and fishing, or if you just want to camp out with friends and family and enjoy being outside, it can be a fantastic way to spend a summer.

The Best Backpack For You

So the plan is set and you want to go camping overnight or make an extended hike. Well you are certainly going to need a quality and durable frame backpack to carry the supplies you need.

Skiatook Lake in Oklahoma

Skiatook Lake is a 10,000 acre lake 4 miles away from Skiatook, an hour drive from Tulsa. There are lots of opportunities for recreation at the lake.

The Wonder of the Blue Mountains Tour

For adventure sports enthusiasts and extremists, there are a host of activities such as mountain biking, canyoning, horse riding, abseiling, ecological tours by expert guides. The Blue Mountain tour that any visitor chooses can really truly take on any aspect they wish to cast it into – romantic, adventurous, ecological et al.

Depth of Field As an Overlooked Feature in a Safari Binocular

You’re watching an eagle from a distance. With a wide curve it starts to fly directly towards you, while you get more excited by the second – until the magnificent bird is out of focus and you have to adjust the focus. As a matter of fact, you have to keep on doing that or forget about enjoying viewing it at all.

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