How To Build A Simple Speargun From Scratch By Hand On A Beach


How To Build A Simple Speargun

Walking Elanora Wetlands – Watch Out For the Insects

When outdoors, you will always need skills like how to build a simple speargun or a fly whisk to wipe off dirt or those spider webs that form overnight. Those busy creatures of the night that spin their silken webs and let the cool morning air catch them so they drift strategically across the path are always making themselves felt in this location. Yes spiders! Not a problem just means we were the first to blaze the trail, me being in front.

Walking in and Around Woolacombe

Like most of North Devon, Woolacombe and its surrounding area is great for walking. The stunning coast line that runs along North Devon means that any of the walks you take in the area are that little bit more picturesque than your average ramble.

Bariloche Gay Travel – Outdoor Adventures With Nature

The beautiful Argentine Lake district in the Andes Mountains is a year-round vacation destination. Bariloche is the main town in the region on Lake Nahue Huapi. Bariloche gay travel has been increasing in recent years and the region is now a renowned gay and lesbian destination in Argentina.

Aran Fawddwy, the Welsh Holy Mountain

Aran Fawaddwy is the highest peak outside the Snowdonia Mountains in Wakes UK. Yet this peak only receives a fraction of the visitors that Aran’s neighbour, Cadair Idris Receives. If you want peace and solitude then this mountain walk is for you.

Discover the Rainforest in Tropical North Queensland

There is a place on the planet, the Daintree Rainforest, that is one of the last few locations that shows nature in its true form. The location of this rainforest is in Australia, in the popular Tropical North Queensland area, and it is full of so many sounds and sights that would make you think it’s a jungle. But this is a true rainforest and if you come in the rainy season you will be able to understand how the two are different.

Beree Badalla Boardwalk, Currumbin Creek – A Walk Through the Mangroves

Beree Badalla Boardwalk is a walk through the mangroves. I have completed this walk dozens of times and never tire of the experience. Given the choice I would prefer the boardwalk when the tide is high. The area takes on a completely different look, however having said that if the tide is low it exposes some of the crabs hiding places that would otherwise be unnoticed, if you are interested in crustacean. The boardwalk meanders along Currumbin Creek, curving like a lazy cat.

Where Luxury Meets the Wilderness

Are you looking for a grand hiking trip where you can retire to luxury at the end of the day? Consider a trip to Tasmania in Australia’s south.

Choose the Best Binoculars For Bird Watching

Are you looking for the best binoculars for bird watching? There are several options and manufacturers, but there are three features you need to consider. Learn the three key features you should consider when buying birding binoculars.

Whale Watching in Maine This Summer

If you’re going to be on the coastline of Maine this summer and looking for something fun and new to try, whale-watching is a unique new activity to try. The experience keeps you on your toes and also gives you a relaxing escape from the busy lifestyle.

WearEver Backpack Chair

Are you constantly struggling with all the items you need to carry when you go to the beach or spend a day at the park? Don’t worry because this problem can be easily resolved with a WearEver backpack chair. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of owning one of these chairs.

The Rio Backpack Chair

If you are searching for a durable folding chair then you need to look into a backpack chair. These chairs fold up so they can easily be carried on your back along with your other supplies. They are perfect for hiking, outdoor concerts and a day at the beach. The Rio backpack chair comes with a few features that the other backpack chairs do not possess.

Great Picnic Ideas and Tips

When the weather turns sunny and the flowers start to bloom, people start thinking about picnics. Picnics are a great way to enjoy the warmer months and nature, with a minimum of expense and planning needed. If you have a cooler and a blanket, you’re set.

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