Hunting Whitetails with Grizzlies

Should Tourist Operators Create Public Access Policy?

In recent years the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has been restricting public access to Crown Land in Ontario. Although this example focuses on Canada, similar situations are occurring on federal lands throughout the United States and Australia. In many cases their policies have been proven illegal, but

Choosing the Best Wood For Your Walking Stick

If you are interested in getting a walking stick, you have a variety of different options. You can get one or two sticks, you can get sticks made with a variety of different metals or types of wood, and there are different types of sticks for different types of walking, hiking and trekking.

Walking Sticks, One Or Two?

If you are interested in buying a walking stick, you probably already know that walking sticks can be used individually or in pairs. But you probably want to know what the best option is for you. Whether you have one or two walking sticks depends on where you want to walk or hike with your walking stick. Using one stick can be a good option for you if you enjoy going on hikes, but do not walk on any extremely difficult trails. One walking stick can help relieve stress on your knees and hips, and it can give you more stability than walking without a stick would. Two walking sticks are typically used for fitness walking, difficult hikes, and trekking up steep hills and mountains.

Keeping a Sense of Direction in the Outdoors

There are many navigating systems and GPS systems on the market today that will help you to be able to find out where you are at in the outdoors, which are real handy to have with you in case you ever do get lost while hiking. There are some great navigating systems on the market that are small enough that they are perfect for backpacking and hiking.

Camping – Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park boasts ten large developed campgrounds with more than a thousand campsites for RVs, trailers, or tent camping, and 100 undeveloped sites. Roanoke Mountain Campground is one of these quaint, quiet little campgrounds located at Milepost 120.

Benefits of Walking Sticks

The benefits of walking sticks are not always obvious. What do they actually do to help you if you walk with them? It may not seem like walking sticks offer that many benefits, but they can help make walking more comfortable for your joints and they can help you burn a lot more calories on walks and hikes than you would without one.

Buy Florida Attraction Tickets For an Adventurous Holiday

Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay is a place where wildlife co-exists with the amusement thrill park. In 1959 the Anheuser-Busch brewing empire built this attraction as the entertaining venue which includes extreme rides and amazing animals.

Mountain Biking in Reno – Fun and Exercise in the Outdoors

Up in the mountains, there are wonderful summertime trails that circle Lake Tahoe and can take you just about anywhere, from Tahoe’s beaches to the Desolation Wilderness and back again. Mountain biking in Reno is an awesome experience because there are so many different types of trails available, from high Sierra to high desert, and you are so close to so many trails, it’s easy to reach a new trail every day if you’d like.

Discover an Interactive Zoo Today!

Wondering what an interactive zoo is? I was too when I was presented with the privilege of talking to Lori Ensign, Founder of Safari’s Interactive Animal Sanctuary near Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Born out of her great love for animals and treating them right, Lori became an animal rescuer. For anyone familiar with the popular kids’ show, “Go Diego, Go!”, she is the real life version of this story.

Snorkel and Surf Where the Kings of Hawaii Lived and Played – Kahalu’u Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

This is the premiere snorkeling beach of the Island of Hawai’i; protected from the open sea by a jetty, the reef is also protected against commercial aquarium fishing. Thus, the snorkeling is in calm, shallow water; frequently during low tide, one can actually walk to the jetty, a couple hundred feet offshore. Also, there is an abundance of fish of an enormous variety…perhaps the best display on the island. For these two reasons, Kahalu’u is where many visitors head for their introduction to snorkeling. Dozens of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and a few Hawksbill Sea Turtles call this bay home, eating the limu and thrilling the snorkelers.

Sanibel Would Be Perfect Haven For Chinese Egrets

We did a 7 mile walk through Ding Darling this morning, and it was the best walk we have done on this vacation so far. There are not a great number of people on the Island this week, and Ding Darling’s darlings are visible in significant numbers. On this sunny, breezy morning, we saw a small alligator of no more than 8 feet sunning, and just a few steps beyond, a grandfather gator probably measuring 15 feet in length.

Crown of the Continent

The mountains of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park look like an imposing, blue-grey wall from the eastern plains. But, after you pass monolithic Chief Mountain, summit of dreams and visions, the multifaceted gems of this great wilderness come into full view.

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