I Took 14 Beginners Winter Camping in a Snow Storm – 9ft/3m Deep Snow Shelter

Walking the Deaf Man’s Ridge – Frigiliana, Spain

Walking in Spain. A nice wee walk on the outskirts of Frigiliana. Getting out and about while on holiday in Spain.

The Colorado Plateau Region

I share information about my trip to the Colorado Plateau and surrounding areas for those of you planning a trip here. I talk more about the geological features and scenic beauty rather than the restaurant and shopping side of things.

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Sunburn on an Australian Holiday

There is perhaps nothing worse than reaching the second day of your holiday to find that your skin us stiff, you are in severe pain and you can hardly move, thanks to the much hated skin condition of sunburn. Particularly affecting those with fair skin and those who don’t go to the necessary measures to protect their skin, sunburn is a common spoiler to Australian holidays, so to avoid this disappointment it is necessary to keep a few important things in mind. 1.

10 Australian Animals to Avoid

Australia is an extremely diverse country and this by far extends to the realms of the Animal kingdom. While many of Australia’s creatures may seem cute and cuddly, there are a few out there that can be extremely dangerous.

A Family Friendly Vacation Idea – Whitewater Rafting

Running out of family vacation ideas? If you consider your family to be adventurous and into the outdoors a whitewater rafting vacation is a must. Whitewater rafting trips are unlike any other vacation – you will be relaxed yet completely exhilarated. With several trips to choose from, any family is suited to take a rafting adventure.

Goa Wildlife Sanctuaries – An Introduction

Amalgamation of azure sea, glistering sand beaches, rich and varied wildlife is the drawcard of Goa which attracts several national and international travelers throughout the year. These wildlife sanctuaries are among the perfect destinations for nature as well as wildlife enthusiasts. It is a home of 1512 plants species, over 275 varieties of birds, 48 kinds of animals and above 60 types of reptiles.

Ranthambore National Park Tour – Most Famous National Parks in India

Ranthambore National Park is one of the brightest jewels of Rajasthan when it comes to wildlife. Tourists from across the globe come here to experience wilderness at its best. It is one of the most famous National Parks in India.

Experience Spring Break on BC’s Sunshine Coast

It is that time of year. Days are getting longer with glorious sunshine, flowers are blooming, and spring is in the air. Pack up the family and head for the cottage and explore British Columbia’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. Located only an hour from Vancouver but a world away from city crowds, the Sunshine Coast is a great place to reconnect and enjoy spring break with the family.

Essential Advice For Your Kilimanjaro Climb!

13 tips on clothing and equipment to take into consideration before climbing a mountain such as Mt. Kilimanjaro! Great advice, and very useful info pack all together…

Spending Your Most Memorable Moments on the Beaches

No matter what the occasion is, it becomes more special if you would spend it in a place like the beach. And there is no better place to hold these events than in the beaches in Miami!

The Simple Life – Being in Tune With Our Values

In a world of busy lives, the simple life can be hard to find with all the stresses, pressures and frustrations of modern living. The simple life is all about people who conscientiously live in tune with their values. These are simple values that give balance, satisfaction and fulfillment to life that have a much deeper meaning.

Wilderness Tonic and Eco-Ventures

Designs by nature bring together some of the best illustrations of sustainable architecture, permaculture and biomimicry. Yet it takes a cusp awareness to appreciate it…

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