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Thanksgiving at Yosemite

So you think a trip to one of our greatest national parks, a natural treasure of breathtaking beauty we all jointly own, is something to consider only during the peak summer vacation period. Well, before you book it for next July or August and finalize your plans for Thanksgiving with grandma, have you considered spending this Thanksgiving at Yosemite?

Romantic Cabins in the Mountains of Oklahoma

Close your eyes and envision you and your sweetie sitting side by side under a warm quilt while watching shooting stars flash across a nighttime sky. Dream of the sounds of owls hooting in distant trees as you sip bubbly champagne while soaking in your private hot tub overlooking a gently lapping lake. Imagine the scents of clean mountain air and pines and burning wood from your cabin’s roaring fireplace. You have just seen a glimpse of your vacation in one of the many romantic cabins in the Ouachita Mountains of southeastern Oklahoma.


Benefits of Outdoor Recreation

Some people love to be outdoors and to be active while others simply do not. I have friends who would like nothing whatsoever with doing outdoor recreation like kayaking, jogging, walking, hiking and so on. It is very difficult for me to understand as being active outside is one of my most favorite things about this world we live in.

Outdoor Backpack Buying Tips

Buying an outdoor backpack can be a challenging task. There are various sizes, colors, shapes and of course brands and qualities. So how do you determine which outdoor backpack is best suited for your needs? This article will help you with that by giving you some tips what to look for when you want to purchase one.

The Most Underrated National Park

So you’re basically familiar with Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite, but what about Glacier National Park (NP)? Do you even know what state it is in? This often overlooked national park takes a back set to no other! From her endangered namesake – glaciers, to her jagged peaks, her grizzly bear, bighorn sheep, classic chalets and lodges, Glacier NP is an unbelievable place. Drive her going-to-the-sun road and understand why Glacier NP is clearly a member of even the most select grouping of our nations finest national parks.

The Magic of Camp Fires on Safari in Africa

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a camp fire to experience the real magic of Africa. This is a very special part of being in the African bush. And it’s very much part of the whole way of life on safari.

Thinking About Becoming a Naturist? Here Are Some Great Tips to Get Started

Naturism is very much in the news at the moment, it appears to be a lifestyle that indicates freedom from stress. But is there stress involved in becoming a nudist?

Rajasthan Tours Narrate the Royal Story of Mughals and Rajputs

Rajasthan in North West of India is a rich colorful state with distinguished historical past predominated by legends of bravery and valor. The warrior Hindu class Rajputs planned their crucial buildings keeping war in mind. Rajasthani culture is based on custom decorum of valor and gallantry with planned war art fare in the battlefield. Other buildings that were constructed were either meant for defense and security or abode and place of worship.

Favorite Season of the Year

When it comes to the seasons of the year, which is your favorite? I suppose the definition of seasons really depends on where you live because they can differ from one place to another. I’m really referring to the four different seasons that we are used to in the northern parts of the United States. When you think of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, which one stands out as your favorite time of year?

Adventures in Peru – Nevado Firua Solo Summit

I have been living in Cotahuasi for over 5 years, during which time I have gotten very involved in mountain climbing. The three main nevados (snow covered mountains), here are Coropuna, Solimana and Firura. Coropuna, which, although it is the highest at 21,079 feet, is non-technical and fairly easy to climb. Depending on which base camp you use, there is about 5-6,000 feet of gain on the actual climb.

Exciting Architecture Treasure Hunts During Golden Triangle Tours in North India

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are major cities of three different states. Delhi itself is a state and also happens to be the capital of India. Agra is a city in Uttar Pradesh and Jaipur is the state capital of Rajasthan. All three of them have a rich past as mighty kingdoms and seats of power.

Fishing in the Shasta Cascade

This area is rich with diversity and serves as a natural crossroad for just about any kind of outdoor recreational activity that can be devised. Within an hour of Redding off of I-5, in any direction, one can experience exhilarating snow capped peaks for anything from Skiing, to snow shoeing, hiking and dog sledding, to rich, deep forests, sprawling grasslands, rolling hills and even desert terrain!

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