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Heritage Hotels in Kota – The Royal Taste of the City

With a Kota map in one hand and a tourists’ guide in another a normal traveller may get lost in the bustling town of Rajasthan. However, the tourists often find redemption at the luxury hotels of the city which provide one with the escape from the busy and rushing business district.

Top Four Gifts For The Outdoorsman: Survival Gear and More

The outdoorsman in your life will love a gift that contains survival gear. There are many types equipment that can be used outside, and those who frequently travel and live in the natural world know the importance of having all of the right equipment for each excursion. This can make living in the wild much safer and much more fun.

Basic Tips For Choosing A Rooftop Cargo Carrier

What is the one thing that is frustrating when you start to plan a road trip? For most people, it is the lack of car storage space. Of course, space is not much of a problem if you own an SUV or even a truck. But what about those who only drive a sedan or even a compact vehicle.

Take A Walk With Your Children

If you’re visiting the San Bernardino Mountains, in California, make sure to stop at the Children’s Forest with your children. Located between Running Spring and Big Bear Lake, you’re at around 7,000 ft. You’ll find it on Highway 18 just a mile or so up the mountain from Running Springs.

A Simple Tip To Make Your Beavers Bend Summer Vacation Even Better

If you plan on visiting Beavers Bend State Park or the Broken Bow, Oklahoma area this Summer, these tips and recommendations may help prevent major discomfort caused by insect bites found throughout the Kiamichi wilderness. The Southeast Oklahoma vacation destination is heavily wooded and insects can be a major nuisance for those unfamiliar to the area.

The Namib Desert

The Namib Desert, is situated in Southwest Africa, stretches along the coast of Namibia for about 1000 miles (1600 km), and is hedged in between the Atlantic Ocean and the interior plateau. Namib, which in Nama means vast, is world renowned because of one particular unique aspect: there are a number of rare and unusual plant and animal species that are found nowhere else in the world but here. Some of the most spectacularly taken and breath taking photos of Namib desert are aerial photographs. A lot of geographical and environmental information about the landscape, flora and fauna associated with Namib are best depicted through photography.

Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai

Located in front of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, the amazing Wild Wadi Water Park offers more than 30 rides and attractions for the whole family to enjoy. The park is themed around the tale of Juha, an Arabian folklore character.

Wookey Hole Caves Review – Top Somerset Tourist Destination or Commercialised “Hole”? Part One

It wasn’t my initial intention to spend any of my holiday down in England writing articles, but after having just visited Wookey Hole in Wells, Somerset with the family, I felt compelled to jot down our experience there. So is it a tourist-magnet with huge promises of fun and enjoyment, or an over-rated piece of the countryside, commercialised to max? Let’s find out…

Nainital Hotels – Staying in a Haven for Nature Lovers

The hill station of Nainital, known also as the ‘Lake District of India’ is famous for its salubrious climate and natural splendor. Naini Lake, Nakuchia Tal, Bhimtal, Naini Devi Temple, Raj Bhavan, St. John’s Church, Snow View Point and Naina Peak are the highlights of Nainital Tourism.

Soaking Up Nature While Vacationing Outdoors

You might want to consider taking your kids on a camping trip for the next vacations they have. Kids generally love their holidays to be fun-filled. No one wants to sit at home all through the holidays eyes glued on the television – they all want some kind of fun and outdoor activities will suit them just fine. You don’t need to look to hard for the camping sites to choose from, they are in abundance.

Best Travel: Family Vacation Tips

Since it’s summer vacation time, I thought I’d compile a list of best summer vacation plans to give you some ideas before summer runs out. Be sure to take all of your female children camping. The cacophony of complaints may provide music for the next county, driving them over a cliff. My family’s favorite refrain was “I’m cold, I’m hot, there’s dirt in my bed” in a three-part harmony.

Enjoy a Panoramic Tour of Arizona’s Natural Grandeur: Hike the Woodchute Mountain Wilderness, Jerome

With rising temperatures and record breaking heat in the Arizona desert, the summer months are the perfect time for heading up north to higher elevations, 7000ft or higher, where the temperatures are cooler and you can get outdoors again to enjoy more of the natural beauty and diversity that is state of Arizona and its terrain. For a quick and easy summer day trip and a quiet, less crowded, easy-moderate hike with breathtaking panoramic views of Arizona, I recommend hiking the Woodchute Trail, in the Woodchute Mountain Wilderness, near Jerome.

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