Making 12 Bushcraft / Camping Tools (Cheap, Easy & AWESOME) – Waterskin, Griddle, Mug, Axe, Knife

Gap Year Travel – Volunteer and Discover the World!

A Gap Year travel is an extraordinary opportunity for young… and not so young people to take a time off from their everyday life to travel to their favorite destination in the world and safely enjoy of an amazing adventure by getting in touch with nature and other cultures. Get to know the most important aspects to take into account to plan the best Gap Year travel.

Walking Stick Self Defense

The idea of a walking stick as a cane, or some sort of aid for walking, is a very recent one. Unsurprisingly, a remnant of a more violent culture has been co-opted, and now we have beautifully cared and ornate walking sticks for young and old, men and women, hikers and casual walkers. But in the not so distant past, walking sticks had a very different purpose. In fact, walking sticks were used as weapons.

Irish Walking Sticks

Irish walking sticks, or Shillelaghs, are walking sticks that are short and made with knotty wood. The handle is typically a large knot or a shaped handle that is designed to fit the contours of your hand. Irish walking sticks are usually made with oak or blackthorn and they are known for their dark black finish. Some shillelaghs are hollowed out using molten lead, which makes them heavier. The walking sticks with lead in them are referred to as ‘loaded sticks.’

Handcrafted Walking Stick

Walking sticks are undoubtedly useful, and for many, they’re reflections of a certain cultural heritage, and an important part of the past. Irish walking sticks have a long history in Ireland-mainly as weapons. They were crafted out of heavy, knotty wood that could cause serious damage to the person on the receiving end. And if that wasn’t enough, the walking sticks were also made with lead inside to add extra weight and help inflict more serious damage.

Walking Stick Materials

Historically, walking sticks have been made from a wide variety of materials. The wood used to make a walking stick can come from an ash tree, a cherry tree, a chestnut tree, a hazel tree, an oak tree, orange trees, snakewood trees, and rattan trees. Basically any wood that is very strong and does not bend easily is ideal for a walking stick. All of the woods lifted are hard woods, not soft woods.

Walking Between Kathmandu & Tibet – Day Six

This not your travel magazine type story. This is about the real experience of trekking in the Himalaya with all the quirky mishaps that could possibly happen on a ten day trek. Here you can read about day one. It is part six of ten parts. Enjoy!

Exhilarating Attractions of MGM Studios & Islands of Adventure

Disney MGM Studios is divided into various sections and they are New York Street, Mickey Ave, Hollywood Blvd, Animation Courtyard, and Sunset Blvd. These sections or areas of Disney have different themes.

Sanibel Offers Great Birding With Great Ease of Sighting

You don’t have to trudge through the thickets or hide in blinds. Just stay still and you’ll be sure to see a large array of birds on Sanibel.

Glacier National Park Lodging

Whenever we travel to far places we want to be sure that we can get some sort of accommodation. Such accommodation is provided by Montana’s own glacier National park lodging. Getting booking in such a lodging is easy especially if you have the internet.

California National Parks

Hot sun and sandy beaches is what California is known for, however the state offers other great attractions such as the California National parks. The ocean and the sandy beaches are great offers for outdoor activities in California, but you should also try the parks provided. National parks in California have various activities that families and people of all ages can enjoy.

Get Total Protection From Mosquitoes and Other Pests – Or Fight the Bite and Flick the Tick

Mosquito bites can ruin any outdoor adventure. This article will show you how to get total protection from mosquitoes and other pests.

Lighting Up the Great Outdoors

No matter when you are spending time in the great outdoors, it is extremely important to be sure that you are prepared for what ever might happen, including getting stuck in the outdoors at night. There are some really great lights that are available on the market today that would be great for making sure you are prepared. One of these lights is the Diamond Lites Lighting System, which are lights that are extremely bright and practically unbreakable with over one hundred thousand hours of life.

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