My 14 yr old son Gryphin working on some life skills with his brother and proud dad.

Interesting Things To Do In Pembrokeshire, Wales That Will Keep Your Children Amused

The proverbial “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” is indeed true as we have to have some time for leisure so we do not get burned out easily. One of the common ways to fight stress is by taking a vacation and if you want to experience sheer fun and adventure, you should take a short break in Wales where the region of Pembrokeshire is located.

Fun Winter Sports For Everybody

Sledding is very popular amongst children, especially on snow days. Most areas have sledding hills within the city or county park system or local ski resorts. Most sledding in the Midwestern United States is done in large back yards or even on snow piles that kids make themselves.

Fun Activities During Your Torquay Holidays

Dorset is a county in England which offers countless fun activities to tourists who frequent the place during their holidays in Dorset. If you are one of them, then you have several exciting options that you can select from.

Fish on Your Holidays in Dorset

Fishing in Dorset during your Torquay holidays can be exciting because of the promise of a good catch. After touring the local attractions, you can visit the beaches, then go cruising and fishing. Holidays in Dorset would not be complete without you visiting these great fishing venues.

Picnicking at the Golden Beaches During Your Holidays in Dorset

Being a coastal region, Dorset offers a wide array of water and beachfront sports that you, your family and your friends can engage in during your Torquay holidays. You can go cruising, beach hopping, trekking, and yes, picnicking in these clean and golden sandy beaches.

Tips For Planning Your Travel To Viet Nam

You have heard about the Southeast Asian countries from many of your friends. You have also read a lot about these places in different magazines.

Perfect for Exploring on Foot

A pleasant walk is a great way to see any destination. You can pause when it suits you, stop to take in a view, or proceed at a pace that enables you to enjoy your surroundings. It is a pleasure to be taken at any time of year; on a warm summer evening or wrapped up against the chill of a crisp winter morning That applies whether you are exploring the meandering lanes of a medieval city such as Norwich or taking in the expanse of the open marshes or the golden sandy beaches of North Norfolk’s coastline.

How to Put Up a Dry Tent on the West Coast Trail

This is an important tip for having a great hiking trip on the West Coast Trail. On wet days, everything can get wet, including the inside of the tent, but there are things you can do to minimize or prevent this problem.

Wellington Rover Tour – A Quality Lord of the Rings Tour in New Zealand

Been to several Lord of the Rings tours in New Zealand, and this is my favourite. Not sure if it is because this is the place with Rivendell, or perhaps I had a knowledgeable and interesting guide. Went for this tour in September 2006. According to my friend who went in March 2008, there were some changes. Just checked the website, there are even more additions to it now!

The O’Neil Psycho Scuba Suit

If you want a quality wetsuit, try the O’neil Psycho Scuba Suit. This is certainly one suit you don’t want to miss out on because of it’s most advanced features.

5 Least Known Beach Dangers

We are constantly being told to beware of rogue waves as well as rolling logs, rip currents, high cliffs and embankments, getting caught in high tide and even shark attacks. But there are other dangers that are not talked about much, here are five of the least known.

Your Guide To Cheap Paintballing

Going paintballing is great, but after a couple of days paintballing you start to notice how much money you end up spending when you go paintballing, there isn’t really anyway around this, but you can save yourself a lot of money by taking some simple steps. If you generally go paintballing with a group of friends, you should consider building a paintballing team; this will mean you’ll be able to car-pool to the paintballing centre, saving some costs on travel already.

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