My Bone Spear & Knife Forging Went Horribly Wrong – Project Fails

Other Uses For Clear Tarp, A Wonder Tool of Outdoor Living

In the spirit of going green, there are many great ways to re-use clear tarps in the outdoor lifestyle. There are also many great reasons for a home owner to have clear tarp on hand or in storage.

Nikon 8-24 x 25 Travelite V Zoom Binocular Review

If you are looking to buy binoculars but want something that is a bit more flexible than specialized birding or hunting binoculars, then the Nikon 8-24×25 Travelite V Zoom Binocular may be what you are looking for. Most binoculars come with a fixed magnification level. While this allows for the best image quality, it limits the uses of those binoculars to some degree.

Indian Summer Is Here! Get Out and Enjoy It!

Those cold winter months will be here soon enough but, for many of us, we live in an area that gives us one last shot at the outdoors during September and maybe even October. Now is your chance to put off some of your indoor plans and take this last opportunity to enjoy some outside activities!

Jamaica’s Dunn’s River Falls

Jamaica is perhaps the best known Caribbean destination and the Dunn’s River Falls is Jamaica’s best known tourist attraction. This picturesque majestic body of water is a cascading beauty. In fact, it has been the poster photo for the Jamaica tourist board for quite some time now.

Discover Jackson Hole, Wyoming

So be a ‘fair weather’ traveler and go beyond where most tourists travel, seek the red rock, the Gros Ventre River and Crystal Creek. You’ve discovered places the average tourist never finds. You’ll be glad that you had the experience and you’ll have pictures in your camera. As they say, a picture is truly worth more than a thousand words.

Various Options for a Propane Heater

Propane heaters are a valuable tool to own, but because of the various types, choosing the appropriate one could prove to be a challenge. All styles of heaters provide warmth, after all that is what a heater does, but when searching for the type you need, you must consider the purpose for which its use is intended. Utilizing portable heaters provide an economical way to maintain comfort during a camping trip and are user-friendly enough to operate.

Shaba, the African Safari Land of the Born Free

It is our day on an african safari to Samburu with Lil Super Safaris have just had a five-hour drive from Nairobi to Shaba National Reserve. We have arrived at the Sarova Shaba Game Lodge in Samburu and ushered in with a glass of fresh juice and warm face towels. This is the same lodge that hosted the cast and crew of the film, Born Free, a true life-story of George and Joy Adamson n 1998.

Make Your Outings Pleasant With Use Of a Perfect Picnic

Weekend or summer holiday outings or planning for bonding activity is a really fun for everyone. Of course, there is a need of some preparation for it. Therefore, you must be included the perfect type of a picnic set in the list first.

Keep the Insects Out of Your Picnic!

Picnics can be so very much fun, but not if you are spending the whole time warding off the insect and trying to keep them out of your picnic basket. Here are some useful tips to help keep the insects away so you can enjoy your picnic with your family and friends.

Historical Mines of Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy in Flinders Ranges is the worlds’ producer of opal. The writing enumerates the old mines in the city.

Enjoy an Exciting School Sports Tour in Lake Garda

School sports tours are the perfect way to engage with and reward pupils, as well as providing them with extra practice and tuition for their talents. If you are searching for a venue for your students, you need look no further than Lake Garda.

Discover Malaga Province by Car – Guadalhorce Valley

Whoever takes the time to get away from the Costa del Sol, can enjoy only a few kilometers away the other side of the province of Malaga, with beautiful valleys, rivers, forests of fir, pine and chestnut trees. Just a 45 minute drive away is situated the Guadalhorce valley, a great choice for day trips near Malaga.

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