No Tent Winter Camping During Snow Storm – Exploring Natural Stone Maze

Caving in Bermuda

The small Atlantic Island of Bermuda has much to offer its visitors above ground, but it is the history and geology of its underground caving systems which opens up an exciting new new world. Exploring the 150 limestone cave systems is certainly a pastime that appeals to all levels of cavers, who are rewarded with stunning crystal rock formations, underwater caverns and grottos and crystal clear underground lakes.

6 Tips To Sleep Warm And Cozy During Winter Camping

Winter camping is fun but most people hate to get frozen out in the cold. What should you do to stay warm during camp and have a nice sleep?

Water Tourism in Kerala

Kerala, the southern state of India is nothing but a paradise on earth. It has numerous water bodies and rain falls for 7-8 months each year in this area. This makes the place a green haven. Kerala is blessed with 44 rivers in which 41 of them flow towards the west after originating from the Western Ghats. The three other rivers, Kabani, Bhavani and Pambar flow from west to east.

The Cultural Tradition of Kerala

Kerala, popularly known as the God’s own country is one of the most popular tourist locations of the South Asia. Bordered by the Arabian sea in the west and the western ghats in the east, the state provides ample opportunity for a visitor to trek, camp and see wildlife.

Why Should I Buy Snow Shoes?

Most people won’t see any reason for buying snow shoes, but they could turn out to be a very wise buy. Especially if you are thinking of a vacation in some snowy wilderness. Not to mention how handy they could be at home if we have a winter like the last few.

Skiing in Colorado America

Colorado is North America’s leading ski area and is regarded as one of the key ski destinations in the world. The Colorado ski resorts enjoy an abundance of dry, light, fluffy snow due to the Rocky Mountains forming a barrier to any storms that come from the Pacific Ocean.

A Remembrance Walk Up Great Gable

The second Sunday in November. A day of respect and remembrance for those who fought and were killed in the First World War, and a day of respect and remembrance for those who are still fighting and dying.

Hiking Hawaii – The Perfect Way in Which to Experience the Islands

When my girlfriend and I were making plans for our first trip to Hawaii we faced many of the same questions most travelers do. How many islands should we visit? Which islands do we go to?

What to Do on a Sunny Day in England

The morning was bright and sunny so we decided to take a day trip to the Lake District. Travelling north up the M6 we left the motorway at junction 40 for North Lakes, heading towards Keswick. We turned off left towards Ullswater at the roundabout by the Rheged visitor centre which is built into the hillside and is very popular.

Adventure Cycling in Enchanting Tuscany

To venture into Tuscany’s enchanting Chianti region, situated between Florence and Siena, is to discover a cyclist’s paradise. Biking routes abound for those who wish to cycle off-the-beaten-path in a region painted in picture perfect panoramas of vineyards, olive groves and vast farmland. A maze of winding biking trails and rural roads meander through the rolling valley terrain, gradually leading to hilltop towns.

Why Extreme Weather Impacts Tourism

2011 alone has seen a variety of extreme weather conditions across the world including the floods in both Thailand and Pakistan which not only decimated people’s livelihood’s but also had a significant impact on the regions tourism industry. This article looks at how a variety of extreme weather can effect destinations across the world.

Salty Love and Sanity

What’s up with this “Salty Love” thing? Hey, get your mind out of the gutter, ain’t nothing like that. The Salty Love comes from the beautiful waters in my backyard, Puget Sound. Those who know me know how much I love scuba diving. There’s a power in salt water I cannot describe and there is a need in me to be close to it and be part of it. The first time I visited the underwater world in scuba gear was one that changed my life, a moment of enrichment and completeness. My fellow divers know very well what I’m talking about.

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