Comprehensive Overnight Camp Shelter Building In A New Location

Building An Overnight Camp Shelter In A new Location

Kelsyus Backpack Beach Chair is Perfect For Days Out at the Beach

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to carry all of your beach supplies and your beach chair in one pack on a normal visit or even when heading for that overnight camp? Now you can with a Kelsyus backpack beach chair. Read on to learn more about this fantastic beach chair.

Backpack Chair – Never Be Without a Seat When Camping, Hiking, at the Beach Or a Concert

When you go hiking or take your family on a picnic or to the beach, it always seems like you don’t have enough hands. You may carry your supplies in a backpack, but if you want comfortable seating then you have to carry your folding chair. But did you know there is now a solution to this problem? Learn more about the backpack chair.

An English Idiot Abroad Part 1 – Travels in Scotland

This is the story of my adventures in foreign parts for the next few years. It begins in Scotland, and then in Spain for a few years traveling around on my motorcycle. I’m not sure where it will go after that

On Versatile Picnic Tables

I was playing teacher-student with my kids the other day. I was the teacher and my kids were my students. We were having a spelling quiz that day and on the fifth item, I asked my students or kids to spell the word summer.


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Gibb River Road

Driving through the heart of the Kimberley in the north west of Western Australia is the Gibb River Road, one of Australia’s last wilderness frontiers. Stretching for 660kms from Derby to the Kununurra / Wyndham junction, the Gibb River Road was a stock route built to move cattle from the stations to the ports. Typically the Gibb River Road is flooded during the monsoon season from November through to March, and is generally not driveable during this period with the rivers flooding and the creeks overflowing.

Walking the Swell Sculpture Festival, Gold Coast Australia

If you are thinking about visiting the Gold Coast this year, come in the spring you will experience beautiful warm sunny days and cool nights, magnificent sunrises and sunsets – it is the best time of the year for a visit. The spring also heralds the start of a ten day Sculpture Festival.

Wildlife Tours to India – Famous National Parks in South India

India is also a very popular destination for wildlife tourism with a number of wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserves and national parks in India. Wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers from all over the world visit India to enjoy its rich flora and fauna in various wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserves and national parks.

Song of the Frog

Frogs permeable soft skin can help us to tell the health of our environment. The skin allows for moisture to…

The Long-Legged Dogs on Patrol

Unlike other members of the canid family, they have four toes in the front legs, while the rest of the canids have five. This medium sized ‘wolf’ canid member is found only in Africa, and the only species is the Lycaon.

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Agra Tours – City of Tomb and Forts

Agra is among the most visited cities of India which summons scores of tourists because of the panoramic and mesmerizing beauty of Mughal architectures in general and the grandeur of Taj Mahal in specific. This place is situated on the west bank of river Yamuna and is world famous for tombs and memorials.

Northern Arizona Motorcycle Ride – Old Route 66

Arizona offers motorcycle riders some of the most diverse and majestic scenery in all of America with blue skies, red rock, lush forests, magnificent canyons, rivers, and even mountains. There is more to Northern Arizona than Flagstaff, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon. There are other beautiful and regal places for motorcyclists to experience spectacular scenery amid saguaro cactus deserts and alpine meadows.

Planning a Canada Fishing Trip

A fishing and overnight camp and trip to Canada will be more fun, if you plan it well. For a Canada fishing trip, you have to think over some points carefully to make it successful.

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