Overnight Fall Camp with my Dog

Buying Florida Themepark Tickets – A Worthwhile Expenditure

The perfect place to spend time after sunset in Downtown Disney is Pleasure Island. This is known as the oasis of fun for adults. Pleasure Island presents various clubs which can easily suite one’s temperament. In day time the place is occupied by the shoppers and customers.

Walking Between Kathmandu & Tibet – Day Four

This not your travel magazine type story. This is about the real experience of trekking in the Himalaya with all the quirky mishaps that could possibly happen on a ten day trek. Here you can read about day four. It is part four of ten parts. Enjoy!

Dallas, Texas Family Resort Alternatives – 5 Ideas Less Than Three Hours Away

Looking for Dallas, Texas/Fort Worth-area resort alternatives? The Beavers Bend Resort Park represents the perfect family day trip destination for residents of The Metroplex. Less than three hours away from Dallas by car, the park has something for everyone, including hiking trails, museums, and even a nearby ranch with organic produce for sale that you can grab on your way back home.

La Palma – The Hiker’s Paradise

La Palma is one of the lesser known Canary Islands and one of the most beautiful. It has a total of 73 hiking trails with a total length of 1200 km. All the trails are properly marked and they will take the visitor through the valleys, the forests and over the mountains There are short routes of less than 10 km and long routes of more than 50 km. Some of the trails will go over the top of the island with a view of almost the entire island and always the ocean in the background.

Free Alternatives to Dallas Texas Attractions – 10 Tips For Family Fun in McCurtain County

High gas prices and grocery bills don’t have to mean the end of the Dallas/Fort Worth (the Metroplex) area family road trip. You can find alternatives just outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area if you know where to look. Only a few hours away by car is the Beavers Bend State Park area, where there are lots of family-friendly things to do for free.

Family Vacations – Texas Vacations That Strengthen the Family Ties

The family that plays together stays together. Strengthen the ties that bind with short family vacations and day trips less than three hours from Dallas Fort Worth, such as Beavers Bend Park in Southeastern Oklahoma’s McCurtain County. Family fun activities include trail hikes, bald eagle sightings and window shopping in nearby Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

Marine Coolers – Making Your High Performance Marine Cooler Really Perform

High performance Marine Coolers can keep ice for 10 to 14 days under optimal circumstances. These coolers provide the perfect solution for boaters, campers or fishermen who are off the grid for extended periods of time. However, to get this kind of peak performance from your marine cooler, you need to follow a few simple procedures, and we’ll show you how.

Time to Get the Ski Equipment Out – Snow is on the Way

Playing in the snow is a family affair, it can be a honeymoon affair and it can be a weekend getaway. Which ever one you are inclined to do, the season of snow is upon us and it is time to make those plans to go play in the snow.

Coated and Laminated Vinyl Tarps – What’s the Same and What’s Different?

Coated and laminated vinyl tarps have several similarities and differences even though both tarps are made from the same material. A laminated tarp is strong, flame retardant, and best used indoors while a coated one is generally more expensive, but ideal of outdoor applications.

An Inside Look at Different Types of Flame Retardant Tarps

Flame retardant tarps come in a variety of different styles, types, colors, and materials to satisfy a wide range of needs and applications. While some of them satisfy strict California State Fire Marshal Guidelines, other styles and coatings are intended to satisfy the rules in other states.

Grandest of All Spectacles

The Himalayan range is shrouded in an enigmatic cloak which is almost unmatchable. The region is nearly uncontested throughout the world due the magnitude of austere inspiration derived from viewing it, save for a location much closer to my home. This area which could be argued to be as fascinating and mysterious as the highest mountains of the Asian continent is widely known as the Grand Canyon.

Marin County Has Been Blessed by Mother-Nature

Has Marin County been blessed by Mother-Nature? Yes, I believe it has. Marin County of Northern California is formed geographically as a large peninsula which faces southward.

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