Paddle an Electric Bike – Can you use the Heybike Mars Ebike in your boat?

Romantic Honeymoon Ideas in Kerala

Located on the southern tip of India, Kerala is a beautiful state of India. It is known for its lush greenery, awesome serenity and enticing cleanliness. Unique geographical and cultural features of this state have made its one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Shelling – Get Some Exercise and Find Some Exotic Shells

The beach is a great place to visit. Some people like to swim and play at the beach while others might just lay back in a beach chair and let the day lazily pass them by while they loose themselves in a book. Some people are busy combing the beach looking for beautiful sea shells.

Fire it Up!

A Fire pit screen has a very simple job to do. That is, to keep the fire where it should be. The idea is to let you enjoy the fire, without worrying about all the embers coming onto your nylons, with a full view in place.

Looking For a Hidden Romantic Getaway?

Would you like to rekindle the romance with a mountain vacation where you and your significant other can cuddle under the stars while breathing fresh, mountain air? Or would you rather spend your vacation watching the setting sun turn crystalline water into liquid gold while you relax in a lounge chair beneath the sun’s warmth? Believe it or not, you can get both vacations in the same spot. Southeastern Oklahoma’s McCurtain County–the Beavers Bend State Park area–offers the best of both worlds when you are looking for a hidden romantic getaway.

My 3rd Favorite Australia Walking Tour – Larapinta Trail

I recently posted an article with my top 3 favourite Australia Walking Tours and thought it would be useful to make a separate post for each of the 3 walking tours, so I can give more detail of routes, timings, places of interest etc. The Larapinta Trail is my 3rd favourite Australia walking tour and one of the finest walks in Australia. The trail passes through the high ridgelines of the West MacDonnell Ranges, the vast flood plains and the razorback rocky outcrops.

Excellent Hydration Backpacks For Hiking

You may find many uses of a backpack. In this case a great purpose of these packs include that they are used for hiking. While hiking you always need to be hydrated. So what you really need in this regard is a water bottle. For that purpose you always need to have a water bottle with you. Moreover, you also need something that is handy and easily accessible to save your time and energy. Many packs have side pocket that is big and strong enough to support your bottle. However, for suck packs you always need to stop and take out your bottle. This may become bit inconvenient for you.

Saving Money During Bird Watching

Saving money must always be on your mind when you go bird watching. To this point you along, here are some methods you ought to think about.

Need a Sleeping Bag For Your Next Outdoor Adventure? How to Choose the Perfect Sleeping Bag For You

Camping and hiking are fun and great outdoor activities. Overnight adventures help make the fun last. However, if your overnight visit is filled with a sleepless night thanks to having the wrong sleeping bag, then there isn’t much fun to be had at all. Discover how to choose the perfect sleeping bag for you for your next outdoor adventure and make sure to keep the fun in your journey.

Immerse Yourself in the Opulence – The Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot winds through the fascinating land of Karnataka which boasts of India’s some of the most exotic destinations not only blessed with natural wealth but also rich in history, culture and heritage. Read about this luxury train here.

4 Things You Should Have For Every Outdoor Trip

Are you an avid camper or trekker? As camping and trekking have grown in popularity as fun, frugal activities, a large number of new products designed to improve your camping experience have cropped up in the marketplace.

India Tours – A Journey to the Most Astonishing Land of Beauty at All Levels

Capturing India in words or pictures is difficult. Its vast expansive lands, its colors, its spirituality, its arts, its gaiety and essence of its close-knit social fabric can only be experienced.

Combat Trousers – Why They Are As Popular As Denim

Combat trousers are, in many people’s opinion, the new denim jeans. That said what is it about army trousers that makes them so popular with the consumer market? Combat trousers are the definitive item of military surplus clothing that has crossed over from the army surplus marketplace, onto the fashion rails of high street stores and into the closets of the fashion conscious consumer.

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