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Suunto Unleashes the Awesome X10 GPS Watch – A Worthy Successor to the X9i?

A lot of people have been curious as to how this 3rd incarnation of the Suunto GPS Watch, the X10, compares to its predecessors, the X9 and X9i. Judging from the feedback we have received there is much more than the much publicised features of an altimeter, barometer, digital compass, and thermometer. Perhaps one of the most welcome improvements is to the battery life – users are reporting getting a full 33% longer with the X10 than with the X9i – important when you are relying on your gps watch to get you back to camp for the …

Nikon Monarch Binoculars – What You Need to Know When Deciding Which Binoculars to Choose

Most of us have several questions running through our minds when choosing binoculars – How powerful are they?, What is a good weight?,  Are they a good choice for what I want to use them for outdoors?

A Solo Adventure Holiday in Nepal Was a Breath of Fresh Air

For many the idea of a holiday usually conjures up images of relaxing beaches and crystal clear sea, but if you have a sense of adventure and feel more like you need a challenge there are lots of stimulating alternatives. After searching for companies who specialised in adventure holidays on the internet, I came up with a thrilling option, a trip combining sightseeing, trekking, rafting and jungle safari in Nepal. The trip started in Kathmandu, a fantastically colourful vibrant city which at 4400 ft above sea level, feels like it is on top of the world.

San Antonio Entertainment – Natural Bridge Caverns

Located just down the road in San Antonio is a little hidden wonder called Natural Bridge Caverns. If caverns and caves are your thing, then this is the one you want. Natural Bridge Caverns is located just 30 miles north of San Antonio, just a few miles west of IH-35.

Samode Palace and Havelis in Rajasthan India

Located amidst the barren hills of the Aravallis, Samode is a gem in itself. It is renowned for its impressive havelis and forts. It is the place of immense importance for all those interested in the royal anecdotes of past. Lying at the distance of 42 kilometers from Jaipur and 264 kilometers from Delhi, Samode is India’s most charming heritage hotel.

Snow Cams

A snow cam can be the solution to your problem if you have ever wished for a white Christmas or longed to see snow falling softly outside your window but do not live in a region that receives much if any snow. Now a days at your own convenience you can log onto the Internet and check out the many snow cams that ski resorts, cities and other places have set up that catch the pictures of snow falling wherever the camera happens to be located.

Survival Gear – Great For Outdoor Activities, Too

While it’s important to be prepared for emergencies and natural disasters, the items you find in survival kits are also useful for a multitude of outdoor activities. In fact, they may have their greatest value as everyday items… at least until a major emergency or disaster actually occurs.

Value of International Freight Company

If you have a company that deals in perishable commodities then it becomes essential for you to get hold of a proper international freight company so that your goods are delivered on time so that you do not loose out on your business. The international freight rate quote companies provide you with transportation facilities like ground, air, ocean, intermodal and warehousing. It is essential for the companies to provide you with all the required facilities to transport your goods from one location to another so that goods can be transferred in a safe and timely manner. …

The River Wharfe

The River Wharfe flows from the uplands above Langstrothdale Chase to join the Rover Ouse south of York. Along the way we will encounter medieval drownings, fine pubs, feuding brewing families and treasonable Cardinals. A river full of character and history.

Top 5 Wildflower Experiences

Imagine spending a portion of your luxury travel enchanted by carpets of stunning wildflowers and witnessing spectacular flora bloom in all its beauty. Here are our pick of the top five wildflower experiences around the world.

Hawaii Snorkeling Tips Part I – Gear

Coming to my island for a vacation? There are three things I always recommend the first-time visitor do. First, get in the air. Secondly-go to a luau. Finally, I advise people of every age to get in the water and go snorkeling. The “one-one-one, experiencing the world through the fishes’ eyes” magic of swimming in those bath-warm lagoons surrounded by clouds of tropical fish is an amazing, restful and restorative pursuit-you will find your mind going back to that experience over and over through the years much more so than many of your other travel experiences. Part I of this series discuses Snorkeling Gear; Part II of this series will discuss Snorkeling Technique and Part III will cover Snorkeling Safety.

Cobra and Friends

My friend and I are both avid climbers. This mean that we spend a lot of time hiking mountain trails in order to get to the usually distant bouldering areas. The long walks are often expedited by wondrous discussions into the nature of things, or by my earnest yet empty assurances that I’m going to finally start training and bring my climbing up a few notches.

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