Huge Snake in The House


Snake in The House

Wintertime Blahs – Head For the Beach

When the weather is cold outside and the snow is falling, you may want to get away to a warm sunny place with amazing beaches, marine life and fun activities. Wintertime at the beach can be just as enjoyable as it is in summer.

The Stash – Eco Snowparks Are the Future

The 2008 ski season saw a revolutionary new generation of snow parks hit Europe as the first environmentally friendly ‘Stash’ was opened in Avoriaz, France. Set amongst the trees of the un-pisted LindarĂȘts forest, underneath the Prolays lift, it provides hours and hours of amusement – especially in a white out!

Wildlife Holidays in India – My Favorite Destinations

India is a globally famous tourism destination. It attracts a large number of tourists and vacationers from all over the world. The country enthralls tourists with its unique cultural features and geographical features as well. The county is very fascinating with rich flora and fauna which can be see in its various wildlife sanctuaries, protected areas, tiger reserves, bird sanctuaries and national parks.

Ultralight Hammocks

Hammocks blend utility, lightweight and convenience. Consider a hammock to lighten your load and speed up your setup times.

Eat the Heavy Foods First

When someone says “eat the heavy stuff first to lighten the load,” you think it’s obvious. And if you buy a cheap dehydrator (think less than $50 at a discount store) then you can make some of the tastier foods light enough that you don’t mind carrying them. Some people can take this to an extreme.

Using Personal Locator Beacons Responsibly

In modern society we grow more and more accustomed to convenience. An important lesson we all should learn is that the ability to have something here and now doesn’t mean an entitlement to it. The abusive reliance on convenience has become painful obvious lately as hikers, in over their heads from the get go take advantage of personal locator beacons to call for rescue from situations they should never have been in to begin with.

Galveston Birding Vacations

Galveston, Texas is one of the top Birding locations in the United States. Even if you aren’t an expert or die hard birding fan you will enjoy the beauty of the area and it’s famous birds. Although the Spring and Fall offer an exceptional opportunity during the migration seasons, anytime of year you can see 1000s of birds all over the Galveston Island area.

Sydney’s Historic Walking Tracks

A shimmering harbour city surrounded by national parks and rugged coast, Sydney presents hundreds of short walks within one hour of the city. Settled by British convicts over 200 years ago, the region’s original inhabitants, the Aboriginal people, were nomadic. They maintained a sophisticated network of walking tracks that criss-crossed the land from the sea to the Blue Mountains and beyond.

Key Elements of Surviving in the Wilderness

Find out more about How to Survive in the Wilderness and see if it is really your thing or not. Check out this information and see if it’s right for you.


Top Beaches to Visit in South Carolina

The East Coast is rich with history from Florida to Maine, and rich with beaches. Some of the most beautiful beaches lay south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and none are more beautiful than the beaches of South Carolina.

The African Big Five

The term African Big Five game refers to the 5 animals who were the most difficult ones to hunt on foot in Africa (fortunately it is not allowed to hunt them anymore)and they are also amongst the most dangerous mammals. They are the symbols of South Africa.

Walking Trails – Which Path to Take

The United States is filled with so many places to take an outdoor stroll. Though, some might think that walking outdoors is strictly for those who intend to make and entire day, a month, or even a full year out of walking. Not so, however there is a big difference between walking and hiking.

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