SOLO ALGONQUIN DEATH SLOGG! Minimal Gear, High intensity, High mileage Alone in Canadian Backwoods.

Telescoping Fiberglass Flagpoles Designed to Be Portable and Very Functional at Home Or on the Road!

In today’s world people are always looking for ways to show patriotism for this great country. There are new products on the market, including these new 22′ locking flagpoles that are made from heavy duty fiberglass, that go from 5′ to 22′ in just seconds!

Goa Nightlife – The Fascinating Attraction of Goa Tour

Goa is an action-packed destination with amazing attractions. It is one of the most happening destinations of India when it comes to nightlife. Goa Nightlife is a famous attraction of this small state which is steeped in natural beauty. Its fascinating beaches also serve as the venue for parties. There are several nightclubs, discotheques and casinos in this state.

Summer Holiday in the Outdoors – Camping

There are many reasons why families decide to go camping with their kids: it is fun for the whole family, the kids get to play in the nature and you can have some peace and quiet away for the noisy city. But what are the things that we should never forget to take with us when going camping?

What You Should Take With You For a Beach Holiday

Compared to a gourmet wine and food vacation, a sightseeing vacation, or even a camping vacation, beach holidays are so easy… especially in Port Macquarie! Barely any clothes to pack, no tickets to arrange, just duck back to your Port Macquarie hotel for lunch rather than dragging out the gas stove and chopping all your own veges. Yet, the beach is not without its own special quirks that can make it an uncomfortable place to be if you haven’t prepared properly. Today we go through what to pack if you’re taking a beach vacation to Port Macquarie.

Great Tips on Portable Metal Detectors For Beginners

The use of metal detectors today is really quite common among the general public, specifically those interested in finding treasures and other important relics. These devices are really not hard to come by since these are generally sold anywhere, like over the internet. But for beginners, you might want to take the time to research about these detectors before venturing out for your first taste of treasure hunting.

7 Obstacles to Overcome If Lost in the Wilderness

Getting lost in the wilderness can be frightening and dangerous. Prepare yourself ahead of time for the possibility that you may become lost at some point. Know what to take to protect yourself and signal for help and know how to deal with the hurdles of being alone in the wilderness for an unknown period of time.

Wildlife Getaways in the Philippines

The Philippines is certainly an envy of other countries because of its rich natural resources. Comprising some 7,107 islands, the archipelago has one of the world’s highest biodiversities. Various plant and animal species that are endemic to the country have been attracting wildlife experts and nature lovers to the Philippines.

The Fun Cornhole Game to Play

Double players follow the same pattern the contestants on the first platform by completing their throws. Then the other side follows. In this way the top and bottom part of the innings is also completed.

Get Active With a Walking Experience in Pembrokeshire

If you know someone who loves walking, why not treat them to hours doing just that on an experience day in Wales? Perhaps your loved one’s birthday is coming up; if so, you might want to let them indulge their passion for walking with an activity voucher that allows them to hike across the beautiful countryside of Pembrokeshire. Once you see the scenery you might want to take part in some walking yourself.

Fungi the Dolphin – A Good Reason to Visit Dingle

Dingle is a very popular holiday destination for visitors from all over the world. Dingle is situated in the far west of Ireland in the middle of wild mountainous coastal terrain.

Cooler Packing 101

Living in the northwest is fabulous. It has something for everyone; metropolitan cities, mountains, deserts, rivers, and the ocean.

Why You Need a Tarp For All Seasons

Poly tarp has all manner of uses and useful applications around the home, garden, and beyond. A good quality tarp is designed to be water resistant and waterproof, which makes it ideal for protecting your property all year round.

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