SOLO OVERNIGHT WINTER BUSHCRAFT CAMP-Small Backpack, Minimal Gear, Unknown Land, Steak Cook Tripod.

Mississippi: Join The Colorful School Of Wilderness And Festivals

With rare species of animals and plants the flora and fauna of Mississippi is affluent. White oaks, maple, hickory and huge magnolia grow in the forest of the upland. Longleaf pine grows in the piney woods and willows are found in Delta region. Beautiful and wild flowers like green Virginia, black-eyed Susan, creeper, Cherokee rose, etc. are seen in the forests.

South Carolina: The Place That Never Disappoints The Visitors

The unbroken coastal vistas, miles of picturesque rivers, age-old swamps and marsh lands, and the beautiful mountains have increased the landscape beauty of South Carolina manifold. Though this type of landscape diversity can be found in other states too, this province has its own uniqueness and charm. Forests and fields are found scattered throughout the province.

North Dakota – A Place That Must Be Explored

Located at the Midwestern region in the United States, North Dakota is a wonderful place to visit. It is one of the least populated states of the USA. It was the abode of Native Americans for thousands of years before the advance of the European settlers. The culture of this state reflects the history as it shares some important aspects of Native American culture.

Interesting Places to Visit on Your Trip to Palawan

Palawan is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines. It is the perfect place for diving, snorkeling, island hopping, rock climbing and more.

Exploring the Natural Wonders of Milford Sound

Ahh, Milford Sound; a place where it rains more than a 180 days a year, and where summertime daytime temperatures average only about 67ºF. But, if you let that stop you from even considering visiting this New Zealand South Island spot, you’d be missing out on one of the prettiest places on Earth. And if you don’t believe me, just ask Trip Advisor, where Milford Sound was given a “Travelers’ Choice Destination” Award.

One Minute Encounter With a Tusker

A family visit to the Corbett National Park near Nainital, India. We were in the buffer zone of the National Park and unlikely to see tigers although Forest Rangers told us we may see them if we were luck and choose to take a very early morning safari. A minor error on the part of our jeep driver angered a tusker and for just a moment or so we were in danger of a charge!!

Malana and Malabar – Vestige of Greek Influence

Strange are the tales from the past. I heard about this quaint village near Kullu called Malana where the remnants of Alexander the Great’s soldiers stayed behind and whose lineage lives to date in this remote village? Tales such as these regale you at cocktail parties and at times leave a lasting impact, if the story teller weaves a compelling story. And in this case, an Army Officer certainly did. Likewise I read an interesting article on the origin of the Thiyyas of North Malabarbased on the book “Crete to Kerala” by MM Anand Ram. Both these tales leave a lingering sense of the probable, although not adequately supported by facts.

Ottawa Cycle Paths, Worth a Visit

Ottawa is a great city for the cycling enthusiast to visit. It has close to 300 km (180 miles) of organized cycle paths in the National Capital area. Scenery ranges from the Victorian Architecture of the down town area to various museums. It follows the Ottawa and Rideau rivers and the UN Heritage Rideau Canal. It crosses the 500 acre National Experimental farm which is the largest farm within any city. In Gatienau Quebec it offers a ride to the nearby Gatienau Hills where natures can even include bear sightings. All in all a worthwhile visit.

Pennsylvania: Diversity Brings The Attractions

Having been officially known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania is located in the northeastern and Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. This state shares a border with other six states and has a water border with Canada. It is the only state of the USA that does not border the Atlantic Ocean.

Nebraska: The Endless Horizon Against A Vast Sky

Nebraska is a state situated in the Midwestern part of the United States. The name of this state has been derived from an Otoe Indian word that means ‘flat water’, for a river called Platte River is flowing through the middle of the state. A number of rivers are there in the state that had contributed to the amalgamation of varied cultures of indigenous people who used to live here before the invasion of Europe. Omaha, Otoe, Pawnee, Ponca, etc. are some of the Native American tribes that used to live here in ancient time.

How to Have a Fantastic Day Tour in Denver

Denver, Colorado is a place that’s not for the faint of heart as its outdoors is just too good to take for granted. From its marvelous treks to serene foothills of the mountains, the city is perfect for a new kind of adventure.

Hit the Slopes in Germany’s Black Forest

Germany offers top notch skiing first in the Alps; second in the Black Forest. Learn about winter sports opportunities in the Black Forest.

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